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Supporting Animal Rescue Organizations is Totally Pawsome

We believe our community deserves our involvement, and in 2019, our team has come together to support local animal rescue organizations.

2019 Doggie Dash

Avomeen employees came together along with their 4-legged best friends to support Michigan Humane Society on October 5 at the 2019 Michigan Humane Society Doggie Dash.

The Avomeen team, “Totally Pawsome”, raised hundreds of dollars to support the Michigan Humane society, and those who attended the 3-mile doggie dash enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Kensington Metropark with hundreds of other animal lovers.

Humane Society of Huron Valley Towel & Wish List Drive

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) was front and center during our towel and wish list drive event. Towels of all shapes, sizes, and colors were donated to HSHV, along with much-needed HSHV wish list items. During the event, pictures and short bios of the adoptable animals at HSHV were featured along with the question “Are you looking for your new bestie?”

Photos of best friends that have been adopted from HSHV who have found forever homes with Avomeen staff were also highlighted.

We’re Committed to Supporting our Community

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