Testing Laboratory, R&D – Commercial & Industrial Product Formulation Development & Chemical Analysis Services

From unknown material identification to quantifying the API in a pharmaceutical product, Avomeen’s chemical analysis experts can answer even your most complex product analysis questions.  – Click Here to Learn More
Test Lab – Our consultants can work with you at your facility, over the phone, or at our laboratories to develop a complete package of analytical testing services that can save your company time and money while delivering the accurate & reliable results you need. – Click Here to Learn More
Avomeen’s failure analysis laboratory can identify the root cause, quickly develop an actionable solution to, and help prevent future product failures. If product defects go unresolved they can be extremely costly for your business in terms of product recalls, lost customers, major litigation & PR issues. – Click Here to Learn More
Avomeen’s contamination analysis laboratory can identify compounds, impurities, and unknown ingredients at even the smallest levels including ppm, ppb, and even ppt. – Click Here to Learn More
Comparing a “good vs. bad” sample can lead to a wealth of invaluable information.  From comparing competing products, to solving lot to lot production discrepancies, to analyzing various contract blenders or manufactures end product, we can identify and quantify the subtle differences between similar samples.  Our skilled chemists utilize the latest techniques and advanced analytical instrumentation to breakdown multiple product formulations into their basic components and perform an in-depth comparison at the chemical level identifying the similarities and differences between the samples. – Click Here to Learn More
Our testing laboratory can detect, identify, and measure trace or residual chemicals present in small amounts within a variety of products and materials. Identification of trace chemicals or materials at both low trace and ultra-trace levels. – Click Here to Learn More
Our custom formulation development services help entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and distributors turn their innovative ideas into a finished product.  Our skilled formulators develop innovative next gen products and can create formulations that meet even the most complex product specifications.  – Click Here to Learn More
Deformulation analysis of products, also known as “chemical reverse engineering” is the process of analytically breaking down a material or product’s formulation/composition to separate and determine the identity and quantity of its components.  This service is utilized for a variety of reasons including recreating or replicating existing products.  – Click Here to Learn More
This service identifies key formulation differences between your own and a competitor’s product that can be invaluable for your product design, quality control, and marketing teams. – Click Here to Learn More
Reformulation is the process of recreating an existing formula. This service is most often used by clients wanting to own their product’s formula  or those wanting to recreate or modify and improve a product currently available on the market. – Click Here to Learn More
By exposing your food/beverage, cosmetic, supplement, coating, or pharmaceutical product to increased, but controlled environmental conditions over time, we create reliable results on determining your products’ predicted shelf life.  – Click Here to Learn More
Avomeen’s Ph.D. Expert Witnesses have decades of experience providing chemical litigation support and expert witness testimony in patent infringement, contamination analysis & identification, product failure, trade secret violations, product liability cases, counterfeit products, personal injury, and related court cases requiring investigational analytical services. – Click Here to Learn More

Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory (CMC Services)

ICH Stability Testing is an integral part of Avomeen’s contract pharma services and supports clinical trials, IND, NDA, and aNDA applications. Our depth of knowledge and industry experience takes the stress out of completing regulatory submissions and post approval studies. – Click Here to Learn More
Release testing, also known as lot or batch release testing is an important step in the quality control process of drug substances and drug products. This testing verifies that a pharmaceutical or bio-pharmaceutical product meets a pre-determined set of specifications. – Click Here to Learn More
If you have a method development or validation project that cannot be done in-house due to its complexity, or you need the work performed in a faster time period than your in-house laboratory can handle, Avomeen can help.  As development partners we can design detailed protocols for method development, validation, and technology transfer based on your product’s phase in the drug development process. -Click Here to Learn More
Avomeen’s quality control laboratory will help you ensure that your products are safe and effective.  Our CMC expert chemists perform testing services starting from pre-formulation all the way throughout the manufacturing process to the finished product. – Click Here to Learn More
Controlled extractables and leachables analysis, also known as E&L studies are utilized to test a product’s packaging within a variety of industries including foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and dangerous goods. – Click Here to Learn More
Development & formulation of clinical trial materials (CTM) manufacturing services, by Avomeen, allows drug developers to have their creations developed.  Our formulation chemists can help expedite your drug development process. – Click Here to Learn More

Chemical Laboratory – Product Testing & Development Services

Avomeen’s contract chemical testing laboratory is a full-service product testing and formulation development company that provides investigative analytical testing and innovative formulation development services.  Our company has five unique departments including chemical analysis/manufacturing problem solving, product deformulation, custom product development, pharmaceutical development, and chemical analysis for litigation support (intellectual property, product liability, expert witness).

Specialties include product reverse engineering & recreation, product evaluation & certification, product defect & failure analysis, material testing & contaminant identification, pharmaceutical analysis & development, product stability & release testing, verifying marketing clams, and custom synthesis.

We are experts at helping manufactures and distributors solve their complex problems and at developing new innovative products.  We frequently assist entrepreneurs, manufactures, distributors, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and even other testing laboratories worldwide with our unique service offerings.  Our experienced scientific staff can complete even your most complex testing project on-time and within budget.

Unsure of what specific service you require or would you like a quote?  Call 800-930-5450 for a complementary initial consultation with one of our experienced Ph.D. chemists.

Experience the Avomeen Difference

  • Direct Consultation with Ph.D. Level Chemist
    • Free Initial No-Obligation Consultation
    • Project Customization (No Cookie Cutter Quotes)
    • Rapid Turnaround on Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Friendly & Responsive Staff who are Flexible to Your Needs
    • No Automated Phone System, Reach a Live Person!
    • Wealth of Knowledge & Technical Expertise
    • Dedicated Team of Talented Chemists
    • We Will Work Within Your Tight Deadlines
      • Rush Services & After-Hours Support Available
  • Extensive Experience Solving Difficult Analytical Testing & Formulation Development Projects
    • Specialization in Solving Complex Non-Routine Projects
    • Wide Range of State-of-Art Instrumentation
    • Proprietary Testing Methods
  • Strict Confidentiality
    • Clients Own ALL Testing & Formulation Development Results
    • Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Fully Transfer to Client
      • Clients retain full intellectual property rights to the products developed on their behalf including full-knowledge of all ingredients used, their exact quantities, and the products manufacturing process “recipe”.
  • Detailed & Accurate Results 
  • Accredited Laboratory
fda registered outsourcing facilities DEA Licensed Laboratory GMP CGMP Testing Lab GLP Laboratory ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
FDA Registered DEA Licensed
(Schedule I-V)
cGMP/GMP Compliant GLP Compliant ISO 17025 Accredited
ASTM Laboratory EPA Testing Lab ACS American Chemical Society Ranked 673 in 2015 Inc. 5000
Compliant Testing
ASTM Standards Laboratory Some EPA Testing Services Available American Chemical Society Laboratory Member Ranked #673 in 2015 INC. 5000



Why use Avomeen’s testing lab? When you call us you will get a friendly live person who can quickly put you in touch with the right expert for your projects specific needs, not an automated phone system.  We care about our clients, let us show you today.  Call us at 800-930-5450 for a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our Ph.D. chemists that can answer your questions, review our testing laboratory’s capabilities, discuss your potential project’s time-frame, review associated costs and options available, and will quickly develop a customized no-obligation project proposal custom tailored to solve what is most important to you.
Industries Our Testing Laboratories Serve:Unavailable to call at the moment or want to schedule a conference call?  Email: scientist@avomeen.com

Avomeen’s analytical chemistry facilities are FDA-registered, DEA-licensed, GLP/GMP-compliant, and ISO 17025-Accredited.

Our chemists perform advanced product testing & analysis services, develop custom product formulations, solve complex production problems for manufactures, perform pharmaceutical analysis services, and provide litigation support services for a wide range of companies on a variety of both commercial and industrial products.

Please review our list of services or request a quote online.

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  • Our contract testing lab serves both US and international clients including those from America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India, and Japan.  Within the US we serve clients nationwide with many clients coming from Michigan, California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.