Domestic & Imported Medicine Laboratory

Avomeen can check for medicine safety in both domestic and imported pharmaceuticals. Avomeen’s medicine lab can check for hazards and toxins that may be hiding in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and supplements.

Are you a pharmaceutical company that wants to verify your manufacturer is keeping your quality standards? Avomeen can perform quality control and failure analysis checks as well as batch-to-batch variation testing.

Are you taking an imported medicine that seems to be working, but you want to know what is in it, and if it is safe? Avomeen’s deformulation lab can reverse engineer the product and give you a breakdown report showing the product’s make-up, and our safety regulations testing lab can identify any safety concerns that may exist.

Avomeen’s scientists can verify product safety, perform material testing and identification, provide regulatory consulting, and we offer litigation support and patent infringement services. Our Labs are FDA-Registered, DEA-Licensed, and cGMP-Compliant.

Case Study – Product Contamination Analysis
Industry: Herbal Supplement
Problem: Unclear Labeling on Overseas Herbal Product Packaging
Solution: A customer came to Avomeen with an herbal product purchased overseas, concerned about the contents of the product, due to the poor product labeling. Avomeen was able to perform a preliminary deformulation analysis utilizing FT-IR instrumentation and found a number of natural products, vitamins, and minerals present in the sample. The customer was glad that the safety of the product was verified and was given the recipe and ingredient breakdown to be able to manufacture the product themselves.

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