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The Importance of Green & Eco-Friendly Product Development

The need for green and eco-friendly products is growing and will continue to grow throughout the coming years. This trend stretches across many consumer industries including food & beverage, personal care, household products, industrial products and materials, cleaning agents and beyond. More and more companies are being challenged to go “green” to meet evolving customer needs and new regulations. Embracing this new push toward sustainability can open the door to new markets and positively impact public perception of your brand.

With federal and state regulations trending towards stricter chemical regulations, the development of chemically-conscious products a necessity now more than ever. Avomeen’s expert formulation team can help reformulate your product to address any regulatory issues, stake a claim in the green marketplace, and reduce harm to both consumers and ecosystems. Our scientists can modify the formula of any product to eliminate harmful chemicals and compete in the forefront of your specific industry. Avomeen’s communicative team of scientists leverage their in-depth understanding of material sciences to provide exceptional green and eco-friendly product innovation and analytical support throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Through the product development and optimization process, we transfer valuable new intellectual property to our clients and position them for ongoing commercial success.

We’re not just making products green, we’re:

  • Looking for efficiencies in the process, from lower-cost raw materials to a more sustainable manufacturing approach
  • Improving product performance by reducing weight, extending shelf-life, or improving taste and smell
  • Testing, analyzing, and validating the new formula, its components, and byproducts
  • Generating the documentation needed to meet your target regulatory standards

Avomeen brings:

A full-service R&D lab and team that acts an extension of your team, supporting you throughout the product development lifecycle Consultative scientists who stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes in regulatory guidance and green certifications and standards The breadth of knowledge and the experience including a proven track record of developing green and eco-friendly products in a range of industries and applications

Let’s Talk Specifics

Eco-Friendly Product Success

A lot of companies are hesitant to reformulate their products for the environment and modern consumer for several major reasons. We’re here to bust those myths:

Myth #1: Eco-friendly products are inferior.

This doesn’t need to be the case! With knowledge of many different substitute ingredients and a healthy dose of creativity, Avomeen can not only match your product’s performance; we can also match its traits. Your new formulation can look, taste, and smell just like the old version – if that’s the aim.

Myth #2: Eco-friendly products cost more.

If you’re revisiting an old formulation, it’s likely not optimized for today’s market and the manufacturing process. The price of materials changes over time and new ingredients – including eco-friendly alternatives – become available. When our team takes on a project, we look at how we can create efficiency and improve the end product above and beyond its environmental impacts.

Myth #3: I will lose control of my intellectual property.

This is the case with a lot of larger manufacturers who will reformulate a product and claim ownership over the resulting IP. This limits the customer’s options for manufacturing and creates overall uncertainty around the future of those product lines. Avomeen works differently. We’re here to support and empower you with the best formulation. Once it’s validated, we pass the rights and the recipe to you. We can recommend manufacturers, but it’s your product through and through.

What’s Your Innovation Challenge?

Complete Green & Eco-Friendly Product Support

Product Deformulation

Deformulation, also known as reverse engineering, allows our expert formulation scientists to get down to the bare bones of your product or product idea. This means choosing which components work best, which ones may need to be swapped out, which components need to be replaced because of regulatory reasons, etc. the list goes on and on. Deformulation often leads to product reformulation, another service Avomeen offers.

Product Reformulation

Product reformulation is taking the current components in your product and replacing them to make the product greener, more effective or to change other various properties like color and scent. Often reformulation occurs after deformulation or product analysis, when you want to improve and change your product in a particular way. Avomeen’s formulation team performs deformulation and reformulation on almost a daily basis, so you’re in great hands!

Competitor Product Analysis

Competitor product analysis helps you understand your top competitor’s products. This allows our scientists to identify key differences between your product and the competition. Our analysis identifies, characterizes and quantifies the ingredients within a sample to help our scientists understand potential product flaws, contaminants, safety concerns, and more. Avomeen’s scientists can then make modifications to your product based on the findings in the analysis.

Green Product Innovation

Have a big idea, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Avomeen’s team of innovative formulators can make your big idea a reality. Our team has decades of experience in the lab working on a variety of products including green. Let our scientists guide you during the entire green product development process from establishing the idea to obtaining regulatory compliance to a finalized product on the marketplace.

Packaging Compatibility & Selection

Packaging can be a tricky part of the product development process. Finding the perfect packaging that is not only environmentally friendly, but cost effective may seem impossible. Avomeen has the knowledge and industry relationships to you attain your packaging goals. Our in-house scientists will investigate and evaluate all viable options to determine the best packaging configuration for your product.

Regulatory Compliance

The Avomeen team possess the expertise to help you navigate the requirements and determine the best path of action for all of your regulatory compliance needs. With our collective expertise in regulatory compliance, you can be confident that the data we delivery will help ensure regulatory compliance. Avomeen is ready to partner together to obtain the wanted regulatory compliance and resolve any pending regulatory issues.

Case Study: Formulating an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution for Mass Transit


A mass transit client needed a cleaning solution for its extensive network of railway tracks. The formulation needed to be non-flammable, environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous to humans, and safe for storm drain discharge.


Avomeen researched and developed a formula that met all safety requirements, using a specialty formulated detergent/chelating polymer, a proprietary acid substitute, and a naturally- derived amine oxide surfactant. A batch was prepared and tested on client provided samples, demonstrating that almost all residue was successfully removed.


Avomeen delivered the new formulation with a detailed maintenance procedure, safety data sheet, test method, test results, and a list of recommended manufacturers. The client appreciated its performance and ease of use and noted that the number of accidents on their rail system decreased following its introduction. They created an updated cleaning schedule to further reduce accidents and plan to share it with other subway and metro stations.

Case Study: Reformulating a Lost Spray Coating Formulation


A client requested our help recovering a lost formulation for a clear spray coating. However, in the process of reformulation, our team discovered potentially harmful VOC solvents within the existing formula.


We began by breaking down the formulation based on volatile, semi-volatile, and solid substances based on type and content. We then designed a new solvent package that could dissolve the copolymers and disperse the inorganic additives and fillers.


Avomeen introduced the new, safe, reformulated product to the client with a more effective carrier solvent system. The client was also introduced to a local manufacturer to help with their private label mixing and packaging needs. The product was then reintroduced to the U.S. market.

Understand Eco-Friendly Product Certifications & Claims

Eco-Friendly Certifications

There is no single standard for eco-friendly formulation. The guidelines depend on your product, target market, and location. You may be subject to FDA, EPA, or state-specific regulations like the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In addition to this, many companies now set their own internal guidelines to show their commitment to the environment and consumers.

As an experienced eco-friendly product development partner, Avomeen can prepare you for what’s ahead, planning the right testing and analysis. Based on discussions with your team and an understanding of your goals, we will also generate the documentation required to meet specific certification standards. Below are some of the most common eco-friendly certifications and regulations:

Safer Choice Standard & Product Label

The EPA’s Safer Choice program helps prevent pollution and reduces risk to people and the environment through substituting potentially harmful chemicals with safer ones. A benefit of participating in the EPA’s Safer Choice program is the Safer Choice Product Label. This product label recognizes products that meet the Safer Choice Standard and helps consumers pick safer products for their families. Our team of expert formulators have decades of experience modifying existing products to meet green and eco-friendly regulatory standards, including the Safer Choice Standard.

Green Seal

The Green Seal Certified Mark on your product is an indicator that the particular product has met a particular Green Seal Standard and is more sustainable for the environment including preserving the climate, protecting human health, minimizing waste and more. Avomeen’s scientists have the knowledge and expertise to both improve your product and also provide you with the required data needed to achieve the Green Seal Standard.


Working with the various regulatory bodies are an integral part of the green product development process and Avomeen has the experience to help guide your innovative, environmentally-friendly products into the marketplace. With decades of formulation and product development experience, Avomeen has seen it all and can help identify and remedy any potential regulatory roadblocks along the way whether it is with the FDA, EPA and more.

VOC Standards & Regulations

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gases emitted from certain solids or liquids, such as aerosol coatings and sprays, paints and solvents, cleaning products, and building materials. They can be found both indoors and outdoors, posing a potential risk to individuals in the area. To mitigate this risk, EPA guidelines outline what may be referred to as “maximum VOC content limit values” for different types of VOC-emitting products.

While the EPA is in charge of regulating products and the application of products containing VOCs, there are no federally enforceable standards for VOCs in non-industrial settings. That said, there are clear guidelines and the specific standards may vary state-to-state (Clean Air Act) and country-to-country.


The COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) is a single international standard for natural and organic cosmetic products. There are two routes of certification, Organic and Natural, based on the finished products composition. Avomeen’s formulation and product development scientists have successfully formulated a plethora of natural cosmetic products in addition to helping clients achieve the COSMOS-Standard.

Watch the COSMOS-Standard Webinar

Choosing the Right Partner for Eco-Friendly Product Development Matters

Avomeen understands choosing a partner to develop or reformulate a product is critically important. So, what sets us apart from other labs? Avomeen is here to offer more than just the data; our consultative formulation team is here to be your solution and peace of mind during the entire green product development process – and beyond. That includes the transfer of valuable new intellectual property rights. Whether your company is large or small, Avomeen’s green product development experts are here to help you throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Let’s partner together to turn your big dreams into reality. Connect with a product development and formulation expert today.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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