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Chemical Expert Witness

Ph.D. Chemical Expert Witness Testimony & Advanced Chemical Analysis Services

The right legal support team makes all the difference. Avomeen’s Ph.D. expert witnesses have decades of experience handling complex legal cases such as patent infringements, product failure analysis, product recalls, personal injury, toxicology, and contamination identification.

Our scientific expert witnesses are skilled at explaining complex technical methods in a courtroom setting presenting all testing results in clear and detailed reports.

Wide Range of Experience Supporting Multiple Industries & Disciplines

Partnering with Avomeen for Expert Witness Services

Rest assured that while our chemists have experience as expert witnesses, that this is only a part of what we do here at Avomeen.

What this means is that you get the credibility of a laboratory that spends its time solving complex analytical questions for our clients, and has expansive real world experience.

This helps gain credibility & trust during our testimonials, as well as helps to ensure that your expert witness will be able to answer complex questions on the spot in a comprehensible manner.  It also means that our expert witnesses are well known and respected chemists within their field, and that if any testing or analysis is needed for the case our chemists can perform these services in-house.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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