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Custom Formulation Services

Innovative Scientists Turn Your Ideas into a Reality

Avomeen’s formulation chemists help businesses and entrepreneurs to create new products and redefine/innovate their existing ones.  Our chemists provide services for a range of consumer and industrial products and have the experience necessary to effectively formulate a high performing and competitive product.  We can even reformulate traditional products with our eco-friendly reformulation services which will allow your marketing team to target new niche markets.

To ensure a smoother transition from final product to on the shelf product, we maintain several relationships with a variety of suppliers, blenders, and distributors for those that don’t already have their production network built up.

Custom Formulation Services

We take the time to listen to you and understand what you would like your product to be like both aesthetically and performance wise.  This can include everything including its look, texture, and odor – to product packaging, competitive performance traits, and product shelf life.

The product packaging also plays a key role in the formulation of a product as it can interfere with a product’s color, pH, odor, texture, and stability.  Improper packaging can also cause safety concerns from materials that may extract or leach out into the product. We can assist with this by finding appropriate packaging for your finished product that will be both safe for use and strategic for your marketing efforts.

Our chemists have extensive experience in developing a range of products in a variety of industries, they also have one of the largest libraries available to assist with product testing and analysis.  Our access to peer-reviewed data and other professional databases of information can allow for a jump start on your project and ensure that your product utilizes all of the latest techniques to produce a superior product.

We have experience formulating a variety of products including:


After initial consultation and research, our scientists will begin formulating and designing your new product.  These are done at small scales and made into several trial batches for you to sample.  Once samples have gone through testing and approval, final changes are made and a finalized formulation is created.  The formulation still remains on a small scale at this point in order to make further adjustments to shelf life and minor changes down the line, but at this point, the product will perform and maintain the appearance intended.

Further safety and regulatory research will be performed to verify compliance with FDA, industry, or any other governing bodies’ rules and regulations.

Stability & Shelf Life Testing

Many products including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are required to go through a stability profile in order to find an expiration date and verify that over a long period of time the product will remain not only effective but safe for use.  During this time the product will be submitted to a variety of temperatures and humidity conditions over a period of time as well as testing for effect of UV light of the product, and a variety of other conditions.  Depending on the industry and product it may be possible to perform accelerated shelf life testing instead of a real time stability study.

Manufacturing & Production

Once further Safety and stability tests are complete and the formulation is finalized we will ensure that the product will maintain the intended performance and consistency when being transferred over to a large batch formulator or manufacturer.  If you do not already have a manufacturer to produce larger batches of your product we can help you find one through our network of trusted manufacturers as well as lending support for finding the packaging and raw material suppliers that you will need to manufacture your product.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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