New Product Development Services

Our custom formulation development services help entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and distributors turn their innovative product ideas into an on-the-shelf product.  We have worked with companies of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups looking to create their first product to some of the world’s largest companies that have come to Avomeen to develop their entire new product line on their behalf. Additionally, our custom product development services can be extended to include support services that will shorten your time to market.

Avomeen’s skilled product formulators have experience developing innovative personal care products, coatings, supplements, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, polymers, cleaners, fertilizers, household products, unique material science, and more.

If you are seeking a company to assist you in bringing to market a truly innovative product that has been custom designed to your exact technical specifications and obtaining the intellectual property rights to that product is important to you, then we are the right company for you. Our team of product formulators specialize in innovative product development.

Strict Confidentiality  •  Experienced Product Formulators  •  Full Transfer of All Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Is my new product technically feasible?

Many of our projects work with next-gen technology that is not currently out on the market.  These products are completely unique and often times require the development of new technologies during their development.  Our chemists and formulation scientists can perform feasibility studies to evaluate our ability to deliver a product that meets your desired characteristics and show proof of concept.

What the Product Development Process Looks Like

  1.  Consult with a formulation development expert
    • Fully understand the intended characteristics and specifications of the product that you are looking to create.  This allows you and our formulation scientists to define the project’s potential challenges, time-frame to completion, and costs associated
  2. Formulation Development
    • Our team of skilled formulation chemists will go to work developing a unique and innovative formulation based on your exact technical specifications
  3. Review & Comment on Prototypes
    • We will send you sample batches for your review and will finalize the product’s formulation based off your input
  4. Additional Support
    • Shelf life analysis, packaging selection and compatibility, regulatory assistance, marking claims validation, etc.
  5. Intellectual property transfer
    • Own your IP – No royalties or limitations here. Avomeen’s clients retain full intellectual property rights to the products created on their behalf through our custom product development. This includes full-knowledge of all ingredients used, their exact quantities, and the product’s manufacturing process
  6.  Technology transfer & scale-up
    • During the new formulation development process our laboratory will produce trial batches for you to sample, however we are not a manufacturer. When your new product is finalized, we will transfer the complete formulation to your internal manufacturing facility or can assist you in finding a third-party product blender to produce your product at scale

The Avomeen Difference

Our team of chemists will work with you both during and after your product’s formulation is complete.  We aim to bring you peace of mind and are available to help with additional steps beyond the initial product design and development process. We can be your solution for many aspects of outsourced product development.


Consumer & Household Products

Pharmaceutical / Medical Device

Industrial / Government

Review our NDA (Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement) or send yours to

Full-Service Product R&D

For clients that benefit from additional support, we can help with everything from refining your initial idea to getting your finished product into your customers’ hands including:

  • Source & Test Raw Materials
  • Find & test appropriate Product Packaging
  • Verify Marketing Claims
  • Perform Stability & Shelf Life Studies
  • Verify your product meets government and industrial regulations
  • Produce Small Batches to show Investors, Distributors, Manufacturers, or for use at Trade Shows
  • Perform Scale up and Manufacturing Support
  • Set up relationship with a contract blender to manufacture your product

Related Service – What is product deformulation?

  • Product Deformulation & Reformulation – Ability to reverse engineer, replicate, and modify existing products
    • For example, we have helped manufacturers expand their product lines through deformulation and reformulation services on existing products. This saves time as well as costs in initial research and development as a deformulation analysis reverse engineers a competing product that you like, in order to have it reformulated adding your own innovative ideas to develop a new product on your behalf.

We can also help you with your litigation support to verify that your new product will not violate existing patents or help you gain a patent protecting your new product formulation.

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