Litigation Support Services

Avomeen’s expert witnesses have decades of experience providing chemical litigation support to businesses across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products. Our team can present expert witness testimony in cases involving:

  • Patent Infringement & Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Contamination Analysis & Identification
  • Product Failure or Manufacturing Defects
  • Trade Secret Violations
  • Product Liability Cases
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Personal Injury and Related Cases Requiring Investigational Analytical Services

If you need a chemical expert witness on your side, Avomeen has the knowledge, technology, and experience to help you win your case. We can apply standard test methods or develop custom test methods as needed. We know that your case may hinge on your chemical litigation support, and we take our role in your case seriously.

Trust Avomeen to provide the chemistry litigation support you need to get the judge or jury to rule in your favor. We welcome complex analytical challenges, including legal cases involving chemical usage.

The Avomeen Advantage

We place our chemical expert witnesses in a custom analytical testing laboratory where they can conduct thorough testing and produce detailed analytical results. Our team will be available to answer your questions throughout the testing process. We value transparency and want you to feel confident in our ability to produce quality results in a timely manner.

Avomeen’s scientific expert witnesses are also skilled at explaining complex scientific data in an easy-to-understand fashion within a courtroom setting. Our team will tailor their communication style to your deposition or trial, presenting data in a clear and compelling way that connects with the judge or jury. Our expert witnesses are able to step back from the data and show how it fits into the bigger picture of your case and business. If you secure Avomeen’s services, we’ll make sure you have the chemical litigation support your case requires.

Our comprehensive legal support plan includes:

  • Confidentiality throughout the legal process
  • FDA-Registered and DEA-Licensed laboratory
  • Secure laboratory & sample receiving facilities
  • High-quality laboratory analyses
  • Customized, comprehensive reports
  • Trial preparation with Avomeen’s scientists
  • Depositions and scientific expert testimony

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Expert Witness capabilities:

Our advanced analytical testing laboratory specializes in solving complex problems for our clients.  Our chemical expert witness services can be utilized in a variety of legal situations. Take advantage of all Avomeen can offer when your business is facing litigation.

Types of Problems Avomeen Can Solve:

When you need scientific expert witnesses on the case, contact Avomeen. Our chemists are here to provide you with a consultation on how we can help you with expert witness testimony. Once you’ve received your consultation, you’ll receive a customized proposal and quote quickly.

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