-Deformulation & Product Reverse Engineering

I would like chemical reverse engineering services on a coating in order to determine the composition of the products formulation. Can you perform a deformulation analysis and reformulate the product so I can sell a modified version of the product myself?

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-Product Reformulation

I would like to reformulate my cleaning product so it performs the same but I can use a natural product label has a better odor, what are the steps involved in?

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-Product Defect & Failure Analysis

Why does our latest batch of soda taste off? Can you investigate the products defect through a failure analysis?

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-Custom Product Research & Formulation Development

What is the new product development process for a sunscreen product? If I give you a list of required specifications and my company’s innovative ideas can you develop a new custom formulation on my behalf?

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-Material Testing & Contamination Identification

I believe that an unknown foreign material has contaminated my product and am concerned about its safety, how can I have material testing performed to identify the unknown material in a sample?

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-Chemical Analysis & Analytical Testing

My firm is working on a product liability case, we want to prove that the chemical odor coming from our clients defective cosmetic product is a result of poor manufacturing processes and did not occur during our clients distribution and sale of the product. Can your analytical laboratory perform the chemical analysis services needed to scientifically verify our theory?

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-Regulatory Analysis & Product Safety Consulting

My product is being held at the border by the FDA. I am being told that I have to have a number of tests performed to get the shipment released, what process is involved in this situation?

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-Competitor Product Analysis

My competitor’s polymer based product performs similar to mine, but theirs sells at a significantly lower cost. Can you perform a competitive analysis on their product to identify the differences between our products?

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-Stability Testing & ASLT Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of my pharmaceutical product? How can I increase its stability?

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-Pharmaceutical Analysis

I would like to determine if our pharmaceutical tablets have uniform distribution of the excipients in the outer coating. If the distribution is not uniform can you develop and validate a method to resolve the issue?

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