How Avomeen’s nationwide testing laboratory helps businesses with product development

We have extensive experience helping both established and startup companies get their products ready for production and through the regulatory steps.  From the initial steps of analyzing your competitor’s products and reviewing current patents to helping create a new product from concept or refining an existing product. Our chemistry experts have a range of specialties to fit your needs.

Our business product development laboratory can help determining product stability, packaging and labeling, forming recipe and ingredient instructions for manufactures, and even assist with all the regulatory steps that are needed before you can go to market and start selling your product.

We will not just leave you with a pile of data.  Our Ph.D. scientists are there for you both during and after testing and will write up custom designed reports of the data based on what particular needs exist.   We understands that our clients come from a variety of industries and backgrounds and can write reports  designed for both the technical and less experienced client.  Even if you have already used another laboratory and need help deciphering the raw data we can help by reviewing the findings and create a detailed report that focuses on your individual needs.

Business Product Development

Our clients appreciate that we are a full service laboratory and can help with almost any step in the development cycle from start to finish.  Our laboratories deformulation team can analyze a competitor’s product to show you a true competitive analysis of competing products; like why your competitions paint has a faster drying time, that extra shine, or lasts longer on the shelf.  If you are having unknown problems with a product and need answers Avomeen can perform various quality control, contamination id, batch-to-batch variation checks, and failure analysis services.

Our variety of services offered will save you time and money as we are your one stop shop for your testing and analytical needs.  To provide extra piece of mind we also have litigation support services with expert witnesses in a variety of chemistry and material testing fields and can help with patent reviews and claims.

We stay ahead of the curve by offering specialties like Eco-Friendly Product reformulation, which has been increasing in popularity with companies wanting to capture new niche markets and keep up with customers changing wants.  Many times we can deformulate a current product and reformulate it into an organic version that is often times even better than the traditional non-organic product.

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