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Living Our Values – Teamwork & Collaboration Spotlight: Haley Hamel

Avomeen’s Living Our Values Awards program provides us with an opportunity to celebrate those who exemplify our core values and guiding principles. The Teamwork & Collaboration award recognizes a member of our support staff for internal customer service, and the recipient is selected by an all-staff vote. Haley received a record number of votes – more than 50%! Get to know Haley with a little Q&A:

For those who don’t know you (yet), what do you do at Avomeen?

I do a little bit of everything! First and foremost I am the receptionist so I have a lot of administrative duties. I am also a part of the Client Development team which is the team that has first contact with potential clients. I spend a lot of time helping out our Project Managers as well with whatever they need day to day. Recently I have even been training on some HR related projects. I am also a part of the EAC (Employee Activity Council) and the Suggestion Box Council.

If you could switch your job with anyone else at Avomeen, whose job would you want?

This is a hard one! I would say one of the project managers. I get to see all the projects at the beginning now, and I wonder sometimes how they turn out or what the results ended up being. It seems like it would be a rewarding experience to see the project through and deliver the results to the clients.

What’s your all-time favorite Avomeen moment or experience?

It’s been so heartwarming to see how the staff comes together during difficult times. The [COVID-19] pandemic has about 1/3rd of the staff working remotely, and the other 2/3rds working split shifts. Because of this, we’ve still been “hanging out” after work for socially distanced birthday parties, or playing games weekly on Zoom. I’ve made friends with coworkers who I normally wouldn’t interact with too much in my normal day to day. It’s really kept my spirits up during this difficult time.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I love to cook, I even went to culinary school for a little bit before changing career paths. Making everything from scratch is such a fun challenge and tastes so good! Other than that, I love to read, especially in a hammock outside.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

  1. Marrying my husband almost 3 years ago, and then honeymooning in France.
  2. Winning 2nd place in a national culinary competition in Baltimore with 4 other amazing women.
  3. Driving down to animal shelters in the south and bringing back up puppies who were at a high risk to be euthanized. The Humane Society of Huron Valley’s Love Train Program allows them to be adopted in the Ann Arbor area.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

My biggest fear is of heights, but roller coasters don’t bother me. Millennium Force at Cedar Point = Yes. Standing next to a window in a tall building = NO thank you.

Haley is in good company! Get to know our other Q1 2020 Living Our Values Awards recipients:

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