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Polymer Testing and Its Role in Product Development

Polymer Testing and Its Role in Product Development

New product development can be a risky time for any business regardless of the size or scope of the undertaking.  With the development of many products it is likely that you will have to utilize several different types of polymers and plastics.  Without proper testing poor quality raw materials can sneak into your manufacturing process resulting in a low quality product which can damage your brands reputation and diminish your customer base.

The manufacturing of plastics and polymers is a complex process due to the number of potential errors that can occur in the manufacturing process.  The most common of these are unwanted contaminates getting into your product, the use of too much or little of your additives, and the improper production steps taken when formulating the product.  If a contamination or deformation is detected you will need proper failure analysis testing to identify the source of the problem and solve it in a fast and reliable manner.  Depending on the size of the defect it may render the product completely useless or cause a health or injury risk to your employees or customers.
If proper quality control testing procedures are put into place though, such as independently checking the quality your raw materials whenever you switch suppliers, performing batch-to-batch testing, and proper labeling and tracking of you products batches through your distributors you can minimize the likely hood and scale of a product recall.  The biggest mistake manufactures make though is not paying for have their raw materials examined  as in the long run paying for something that’s loaded with fillers or impurities leads to a poor quality finished product which eventually will result in a decline in profits.
Utilizing polymer testing for your product failure analysis will identify why your goods are failing under normal conditions.  The fast detection and correction of a potential weakness within your raw materials or finished product will spare your company damage to its reputation.
Having taken all these possibilities into consideration, the task can seem somewhat daunting. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Any undertaking in modern product development is made easier by assembling the right team for the job. When you assemble your team for polymer testing, nothing less than an FDA-registered laboratory staffed with skilled Ph.D. chemists will do. At Avomeen we have the right people to ensure that your products will not be hindered in the development stage by the quality of your raw polymers and plastics materials, and we can help solve product failure issues in a fast and reliable manner.
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