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Why Use Custom Formulation for Your Paint Products?

Whether your company sells paint or other coating products for commercial or industrial use, it can be challenging to stand out in the market. While several large multinational producers dominate the field, there are also many smaller regional manufacturers who must carve out a niche for themselves in order to succeed. Since the market is crowded, it’s essential that your company has unique selling propositions for your products.

Custom paint formulation, whether it’s done in-house or in a trusted chemical analysis laboratory, allows you to control the quality of the final product and distinguish your paint from your competitors’.  During the formulation process, you can also have an analytical lab deformulate your competitors’ coating products. This will give you the opportunity to improve on a competitor’s formulation and use those improvements to distinguish your brand.

Considerations When Formulating Your Paint

Before you start the custom formulation process, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Intended Use: The formulation of coatings that will be used on wood siding will be much different than the formulation of coatings used on cars or planes, for example.
  • Essential Ingredients: Consider what types of solvents, pigments, resins, and additives you’ll need to use to get your desired product.
  • Limitations: Does your paint need to be odor-free? Do you need to manufacture a coating that dries faster than a competitor’s? Does your paint need to be graffiti-resistant so that it can be used on urban buildings? Are there safety regulations you need to adhere to? Think about all the product requirements that will place certain limitations on your formulation.
  • Most Important Performance Characteristics: Think about the performance characteristics you plan to use to market your product, such as adhesion, gloss, dry time, color retention, and corrosion resistance.

When you custom formulate your paint, you’ll be able to select the right ingredients in the right ratio to give you the exact product you—and your customers—are looking for.

Custom Formulation Capabilities

Even if your company doesn’t have the resources to custom formulate your paints and coatings in-house, you can still manufacture a unique product with the help of a third-party chemical analysis lab. Avomeen’s paint and coatings lab can work closely with you to determine the qualities you want in your product and then pursue multiple services related to paint formulation chemistry to develop a formulation that gives your paint those characteristics.

After custom formulating your paint, we can perform a battery of tests to ensure the product meets all your specifications. Whether you need marine paint that prevents rust or reflective paint to illuminate roads, we’ll make sure your product performs the way the end user needs it to. Our testing will help you avoid unexpected product failure and deliver a product that stands out in the marketplace.