Paint & Coatings Testing Lab

Avomeen’s independent product testing and development laboratory can solve even the most complex paint and coatings challenges. Avoid product failures down the line by letting our chemists develop a high-quality custom formulation on your behalf that will exceed your specifications. We can test your paint or coating material under a wide range of elemental factors and conditions that affect a coating products durability and performance over time. We have extensive experience analyzing industrial, commercial, powder, and specialty coatings used to treat a variety of materials including concrete, steel, wood, roads, and more.

Our certified laboratory is FDA-Registered, DEA-Licensed, cGMP-Compliant, and ISO/IEC 17025-Accredited. We can test your paints and coatings versus both standard and custom designed protocols to qualify that your coatings meet your industry and/or regulatory standards.

We can help solve a variety of complex questions including:

  • Why is my paint product not adhering properly to my customer products?
  • How resistant is my coating product to contamination, bacteria, and stains?
  • Why does my competitor’s product dry faster and have a shinier appearance?
  • How can I reformulate my product to eliminate odors?
  • Where can I get a detailed analysis of my competitor’s product at its formulation level?
  • Does my product contain any volatile organic compounds?

Avomeen’s coating testing laboratory can help your product with services including:

  • Custom Formulation Development
  • Coating Reverse Engineering / Paint Deformulation
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Defect & Failure Analysis Investigations
  • Test Formulation to Verify Specifications
  • Determine Product Degradation, Stability & Shelf Life
  • Contaminant & Unknown Material Identification
  • Chemical Composition Analysis / Characterization
  • Appearance/Finish Analysis & Improvements
  • Performance & Weathering Testing
  • Physical Properties Analysis
  • Litigation Support Services

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Analytical Testing & Development of Coatings Laboratory Providing:

  •  Accelerated Weathering
    • Light, Heat/Temperature, & Humidity
  • Gravelometer, Thermal Cycle, Thermal Shock, & Autoclave Testing
  • Chemical Compatibility Analysis
  • Reinforcement Corrosion Testing
  • Cyclic Corrosion, Alkali, Chemical, & Acid Resistance Testing
  • Environmental Conditions Analysis
    • Dust, Wind, Mold, Heat, & Water/Marine
  • Accelerated UV Exposure & Fluorescent UV (QUV)
  • Irradiance Spray (Basic & Controlled)
  • Xenon Arc Testing
  • Method Development & Validation/Evaluation
  • Inspection, Verification, Testing & Certification
  • Carbon Dioxide, Chloride Ion, & Oxygen Diffusion
  • Performance
    • Hardness, Elasticity, Impact, Adhesion, Thickness, & Tensile
  • Physical Testing (Pull-Off & Knife Test)
  • Abrasive, Scratch, Undercutting, & Impact Resistance
  • Crack Bridging
  • Fog, Salt Fog, Salt Spray, and Immersion Resistance
  • Anti-Carbonization Properties Analysis
  • Pilot Batching (Lab Scale & Scale Up)
  • Cathodic Disbondment Analysis
  • Chemical Resistance Analysis
  • Viscous & Rheometry
  • Water Vapor Transmission & Gas Permeability
  • Volatile Organic Compounds / VOC Testing
  • Resin Characterization

About Avomeen:
Beyond just complete deformulation and reformulation services, Avomeen’s Ph.D. chemists in our coating testing laboratory are skilled at a wide variety of skills including paint failure analysis, advanced product testing, new product development, quality control testing, and litigation support services.

So if you have complex analytical testing or analysis needs, our advanced physical, material and chemical testing laboratory can help.

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Case Study:
Industry: Paint Manufacturing
Problem: Manufacturer Hiding Formula
Service: Paint & Coating Reverse Engineering

Solution: A manufacturer from a company that produced a coating product was hiding the specifics of the recipe and ingredients of the paint product from the company selling the product. The paint company contacted Avomeen to deformulate and quantify all ingredients that were present in an effort to confirm that the product that they were selling and marketing was actually the product they were receiving from the manufacturer.

Avomeen’s coating testing scientists provided the paint company with a detailed reverse engineering report utilizing EDS, LC/MS, FT-IR, NMR, and ICP equipment and testing methods.  Once they obtained their products formulation they were able to go to a different blender to have their paint manufactured at a lower cost.

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