Container/Closure/Packaging Testing Labcontainers that can undergo extractable and leachable testing

Avomeen’s packaging laboratory can solve complex analytical packaging challenges from cans, bottles, cartons, vials, bags, pouches, and more.  We work with manufacturers to develop solutions fast and efficiently whether you are developing a new packaging product or need support with a troubleshooting issue.

At Avomeen we have extensive experience and a wide range of capabilities due to our specialized instrumentation and testing methods.  Let us perform your packaging testing to analyze your items resins, pigments, additives, contents, and labels.

Packaging testing is important to be performed by an independent contacts laboratory to ensure that the packaging material does not leach harmful chemicals into the materials it is holding.  This is especially important whenever the packaging is being used to hold or ship food, beverage, cosmetic, or pharmaceuticals.

Avomeen’s packaging testing services can test packages made from materials such as polymers, plastic, paper, cardboard, sustainable materials, and more.  If a problem is identified during our analysis of your product, we can identify solutions on how to fix it.

Container Closure Qualification Testing Services Include:

  • Extractable/Leachable Evaluations
  • USP <1207> Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)
  • USP <1663> Extractables of polymeric CC
  • USP <1664> Leachables of polymeric CC
  • USP <1660> Glass qualification
  • USP <661.1> Plastic materials of construction
  • USP <661.2> Plastic Final Packaging Systems

Other Related Packaging Testing Services that are performed by Avomeen include:

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