Rubber Testing and Analysis Laboratoryrubber that can be tested and analyzed in Avomeen's rubber testing laboratory

Rubber analysis and testing laboratory services provided by Avomeen’s analytical laboratory allows companies to speed up their product development cycle and reduce quality control problems. Our scientists have experience testing a variety of rubber, plastic, and latex products.

Our rubber development laboratory provides chemical testing to solve your analytical needs. Using a variety of analytical instruments and techniques our scientists are able to identify and quantify both the organic and inorganic components of samples. Through reverse engineering techniques we are able to get very specific in the quantification of even the minor ingredients within a formulation.

Material testing and identification for rubber can be useful for a variety of reasons including in-depth competitive product analysis, quality control, and failure analysis. Many companies use the data they are provided to better understand their own or their competitor’s product in an effort to improve upon their own product or better understand their product differentiation which opens up new ways to market the product.

We also offer litigation support and patent infringement services.

We specialize in material identification. While many laboratories are able to identify only the major ingredients in a sample, we are able to further break down a sample to identify and quantify the minor ingredients as well. We also compile detailed reports, not just hand over raw data. In addition, our teams can research new ways to improve upon a product.

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