The energy industry is in dire need of refinement. Dwindling natural resources mean we have to squeeze every bit of energy we can out of our current technologies, then look to more renewable energy resources to continue to power our ever-growing cities, businesses, and homes.

By testing, analyzing, and rethinking the chemical processes that allow us to harness the energy available to us, we can start to redefine what energy production means. Energy producers have the potential to save more than money; together, we can create products, machines, and systems that make more and use less energy with resources we can count on again and again.

Maintaining, Improving, and Redefining Energy

Chemical analysis can help improve the reliability, sustainability, and energy generating potential of power plant equipment. Here’s how our advanced equipment and thoroughly experienced teams can help:

  • Failure Analysis – Maintaining uptime at power plants is not a luxury; it’s an expectation. Consumers, businesses, and industries use power without skipping a single second in nearly every aspect of their lives and work. Find the source of failure fast and keep uptime at its maximum.
  • Raw Materials Testing – Verifying your raw materials before commencing with manufacturing or installation keeps facilities running as efficiently as possible.
  • Research & Development – Our teams can provide more than just date to fuel research and development for power producers; we can also consult on how implement your data into tangible methods for improving power plant performance.
  • Materials Testing – Test your metals, polymers, composite materials, and ceramics to make sure your processes are clean, and ensure contamination and corrosion won’t slow down power production.

Expertise like ours can assist the energy industry in efforts to maximize the potential of nuclear, wind, hydro, and steam power. Enhance power transmission, too, by testing and validating new constructions for transmission towers and lines that can span the country.

Sustainable Analysis & Renewable Energy

As power producers seek untouched pathways for renewable energy production, the Avomeen laboratories are preparing for the future of power production in step. Our future-conscious scientists are prepared to take on challenges in spheres of energy production that have yet to be explored.

Bring us your vision for the future, or bring us the issues that are slowing your current power production down; we have the know-how and experience to find solutions that could revolutionize your energy production needs.

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