How to Import Cosmetics into the US

When importing cosmetics into the United States they will have to meet the same requirements as those that are manufactured in the US. It is important to keep in mind that all ingredients used to create the products colors will have to be FDA approved and that allowed ingredients can vary significantly between different countries legal requirements. These products cannot make unproven therapeutic or marketing claims such as having anti-aging properties. They also cannot contain restricted ingredients such as pathogens.

Avomeen’s chemists can perform FDA certification services for cosmetics as well as a variety of other consumer and industrial products. Our services can ensure proper labeling of the product as well as provide proof from a third party of marketing claims being made.

For cosmetics, it is often required that certain ingredients remain below a certain level or it may be regulated as a drug product instead of a cosmetic product. For other ingredients, simply knowing the identity and not the quantity of the ingredient is necessary.cosmetics that can be imported into the united states

Avomeen can provide your third-party testing services including:
• Colors Analysis
• Microbial Analysis
• Shelf Life Testing

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