Cosmetic FormulationAvomeen’s formulation scientists help shampoo, lotion, soap, sunscreen and other cosmetic manufacturers get their product from initial concept to final product.  From an entrepreneur’s basic ideas for a product or making improvements to existing formulations, our cosmetic formulation experts have years of experience producing fast and reliable results.

At Avomeen we are an independent contract laboratory that can provide the research, tools, and experience that you need in order to produce a new cosmetic product.  While our cosmetic formulation laboratory can produce trial batches to provide samples of product, we are not a manufacturer. Our clients retain full rights to the product.

Cosmetic Product Development

We offer free consultations with Ph.D. chemists that will allow you to refine your initial concept and start the process of turning it into a reality.  We take the time to understand what you would like the final product to be like including:

  • Colors & Shades
  • Odors & Fragrance
  • Texture & Appearance
  • Anti-aging, vitamin-enriched, etc.
  • UV or other protecting properties

From sunscreens, gels, powders, pastes and more, our cosmetic formulation team can produce your desired results giving you a brand new product.  We can even help with the packaging to ensure that it properly stores your new formulation and does not leach or extract any harmful contaminants into your new cosmetic product.

Cosmetic Formulation

After testing and analysis is completed we will provide you with sample test batches in order to try to provide you with several premium choices on which final product you would like to have finalized, and receive the ingredients list and recipe for.

Eco-Friendly Reformulation

Many of our cosmetic clients are environmentally conscious and appreciate that we offer eco-friendly reformulation services which can take a current cosmetic product on the market and deformulate then reformulate it into a new and all natural version.

Cosmetic Stability Testing

Once a cosmetic formulation is approved we move on to verifying and improving upon its product stability.  We can perform a variety of cosmetic shelf life tests in order to verify that it stays stable over time and in a variety of conditions.

Current Product Innovation

If you already have a cosmetic product, Avomeen can also perform many of the tests that would normally be done in its development process.

These services include:

We have a proven track record of using analytical instrumentation, techniques, and methods to develop new products and refine exiting ones.  We do not test on animals for any of our services.

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