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Flavor & Fragrance Analysis

Our fragrance and flavor testing services can be utilized to develop a new product or to test the quality and consistency of an existing product.  Our chemists can determine what chemicals and ingredients combine to result in a specific flavor or fragrance.

Our chemical testing laboratories services include:

  • Deformulation and reformulation of an existing product.  This process will identify and quantify the specific raw ingredients that an existing product’s formulation is comprised of and reveal its production process.
  • Gain crucial information for your quality control, compliance, and purchasing teams.  Our data will help them achieve higher efficiency, a stable batch-to-batch product, and maintain better control over raw material costs.
  • Our chemists can detect and identify complex matrix components in flavor and fragrance compounds.  This includes identifying any contaminants that may be making their way into your product.  By quickly identifying the source of these potential impurities and developing a solution in an efficient manner, our chemists can help your company reduce its potential liability and protect your brand’s image.
  • Ensuring that your contract manufacturing organization (CMO) is including the proper concentrations of your raw ingredients.  Our analysis will verify that your product is meeting the agreed upon proportions and that your product’s formulation is not being diluted.
  • Verify that your product complies with government regulations and your industry’s standards.  Our detailed analysis can be used to solve problems that can arise when importing a product or raw material.  Our reports can even be used in litigation cases and we have experienced expert witnesses available.
  • Replicate the smell and/or flavor in perfumes, colognes, shampoos, cosmetics, foods, beverages, e-liquids, and more

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Complete Formulation Analysis:

Our confidential deformulation reports can reveal a product’s complete formulation.  Our product testing services can identify potential impurities, determine CAS numbers, quantify the amounts of each raw ingredient within a product, and develop a formula cost analysis.  We can detect both natural and synthetic chemicals including essential oils, botanicals, extracts, oleoresins, and more.

We utilize advanced analytical instrumentation including:

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