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Analytical Biotechnology Services & Support

The molecular biology revolution of 20th century has given way to the modern age of biotechnology in the 21st. Once discussed only in the ivory tower of academic labs, biotechnology is now being more fully realized to improve our society and drive progress in a variety of vital industries like healthcare, agriculture, food & beverage, energy, industrial chemicals, forensics, and environmental management. More specifically, biotechnology helps create groundbreaking commercial products such as drugs, molecular diagnostics, medical devices, research tools, genetically modified food sources, biofuels, biodegradable plastics, specialty chemicals, biosensors, and beyond.

Arguably, the most important products in this field are the biologic drugs developed at biopharmaceutical organizations. Even greater potential may be brewing in the pipeline, as more biologics and modalities (like cell and gene therapies, RNA vaccines, etc.) move through trials and apply for regulatory approval.

Now that biotechnology has become mainstream and critical to our everyday lives, more organizations and more capital have entered the space. However, the field’s growing sophistication and competitiveness can create headaches for companies, especially when their internal bandwidth and/or knowledge bases limit their commercial success. In these circumstances, a committed expert partner can expand your team’s brain trust and accelerate product development.

Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical organizations have repeatedly turned to Avomeen—a leading biotech CRO and CDMO—to fill gaps, increase efficiency, and help drive research, development, and commercialization. Avomeen’s collaborative approach brings together advanced understanding, technical tenacity, and uncompromising scientific integrity to biotechnology and biopharmaceutical organizations as they create improved and innovative products and therapies. Our biotechnology services clients also benefit from our history of success and the wealth of experience we’ve gained supporting drug, molecular diagnostic, medical device, biofuel, agricultural, and industrial biotech products. No matter your need or product, Avomeen’s first-class biotech services can help!

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Biotechnology Services Specialties

Our experienced biotech services team can support a wide range of projects, products, and therapeutic areas. Whatever your challenges, you can have peace-of-mind that you’re working with a well-trusted biotech and biopharma CRO and CDMO. Our biotech services specialties include, but are not limited to:

Why Partner with Avomeen as Your Biotech & Biopharma CRO?

Leading biotechnology organizations trust Avomeen’s decades of industry experience and numerous Ph.D. scientists to ensure their results are delivered on time. Our experts can also provide product and regulatory expertise through our biotech consulting services. Whether you’re developing a research-use-only (RUO) product, a clinical diagnostic (like IVD products), a biopharmaceutical, or any other biotech offering, here are some of the benefits of partnering with Avomeen as your biotechnology CRO:

  • History of success with biotech and biopharma partners
  • Cutting edge facilities and instrumentation
  • cGMP compliant, FDA registered, DEA licensed
  • Consultative, flexible, and responsive staff
  • Project customization to your specific needs
  • A wealth of existing platform methods that accelerate data collection
  • Experience in solving difficult challenges
  • Delivery within tight timelines
  • Up-to-date regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance


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