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Fertilizer, Herbicide, Pesticide

Fertilizer, Herbicide & Pesticide Development

Avomeen’s chemists can test and analyze dry, liquid, and gas based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  We can ensure that your product meets all government and industry regulations as well as provide further testing and product development services.

Our chemists can assist with product testing and development, reverse engineer a product’s formulation, provide the necessary regulatory testing, perform failure analysis services, and help with litigation support services.

Avomeen’s chemists can test your fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide product for its chemical content.  Our deformulation services can reverse engineer a product sample to identify and quantify its ingredients.  Using product reformulation we can recreate and modify these original formulations to develop or redesign your company’s product.

Our chemists can also analyze for specific chemicals, banned ingredients, and perform a wide variety of other advanced analytical tests.

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