We remain open as an essential business to support our clients' needs during the fight against COVID-19.

This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.

Chemical Analysis Lab Services


Life Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical
    Biopharmaceuticals now offer us the chance to create more targeted delivery systems with pronounced effects to cover a wider range of diseases, but their continual improvement wouldn't be possible without chemical analysis.

  • Biotech
    Alongside biopharmaceuticals, biotech promises to open doors for chemists and scientists who are looking to make the future a brighter, healthier place. Harvesting the wonders of nature is a task for which chemical analysis is inherently suited.

  • Medical Devices
    It's about more than strict regulations. Building better medical devices starts with knowing what makes them and what makes them work. Rethink the way medical devices can save and change lives with chemical analysis.

  • Diagnostics
    How can we treat diseases and injuries without first knowing to the fullest extent what they are? Diagnostic tools and products are essential for learning how afflictions affect our bodies, and thorough chemical analysis can bring serious diagnostic improvements to the healthcare universe.

  • OTC
    Over-the-counter drugs keep us living and working at our full potential. They relieve symptoms of common conditions for which strict control is not necessary. But there is always room for better formulations and ways to make over-the-counter drugs more affordable through chemical testing and consultation.

  • Wellness
    Disease prevention and preventive healthcare are some of our best weapons against widespread health problems. Chemical analysis can reveal new and exciting ways for people to take care of themselves and lower their risk of serious disease.

  • Animal Health
    Humans aren't the only living creatures with thoughts and feelings. We lean on the strength and loyalty of animals to improve all kinds of processes in our living and working lives, so we owe it to them to take advantage of analytical methods and develop more effective treatments for common and uncommon animal conditions.

Chemical Analysis & Product Development

  • Nicotine Avomeen’s accredited nicotine lab with e-liquid and tobacco chemical testing facilities, can help you attain FDA Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) authorization while navigating this evolving regulatory landscape. It’s not just about compliance; we’re working to give you peace of mind now and in the future.
  • Chemicals & Materials Avomeen’s materials testing laboratory analyzes samples of all classes for identification, purity, properties, impurities, and more. The objective of material characterization is often to understand the chemistry of the major and minor components in a substance.
  • Legal & Intellectual Property Avomeen’s Ph.D. scientists have many years of experience providing litigation support and expert witness testimony in patent infringement, trade secret, and related cases requiring analytical investigation services.
  • Consumer Products As a product designer, it's your duty to ensure that the consumer products you create are safe for customer use. Regulatory agencies will monitor the manufacturing and use of your product to ensure you meet certain guidelines - and Avomeen can help you do it.
  • Industrial Manufacturing Regulatory agencies keep a close eye on manufacturing processes to ensure the safety and health of consumers, and through chemical analysis, we can push new manufacturing processes forward that lower overhead and increase consumer safety and happiness.
  • Food & Beverage The need to feed our nations is ever-increasing as the planet's population swells. To keep the future well-fed, we need to employ in-depth chemical analysis and build our library of agricultural knowledge and technology.
  • Energy & Transportation Chemistry helps drive efforts to find and harness renewable energy sources and keeps our nations running within our carefully built infrastructure. The future of your energy efforts hinges on the scientists and chemists that make your analyses actionable.
    There are infinitely better ways to get people and goods from point A to point B, but we can't discover improvements in our current processes without relying on accurate and insightful analyses of the chemical processes that make transportation possible.
  • Agriculture The need to feed our nations is ever-increasing as the planet's population swells. To keep the future well-fed, we need to employ in-depth chemical analysis and build our library of agricultural knowledge and technology.

Analysis that Spans Today's Greatest Industries

We hire the best of the best from a range of commercial and industrial industries. Our staff is comprised of a combination of material scientists, polymer experts, experienced expert witnesses, pharmaceutical development specialists, and more. They know how to achieve reliable results that will make you glad you chose Avomeen when you have the success of your project on the line.