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First Annual Avolympics: Office Olympics at its Best

Avomeen ushered in our inaugural annual Office Olympics, aptly named “Avolympics”, this month. Everyone became an Avolympian, and teams came together from across the organization to compete for ultimate bragging rights, bedazzled miniature trophies complete with troll doll toppers, and the title of First Ever Avolympics Champions.

Avolympians were drafted at random into six teams:

  • Team Pink
  • Team Purple
  • Team Yellow
  • Team Green
  • Team Orange
  • Team Blue

Smells Like Team Spirit Office Decorating Event

Teams came together in the first Avolympic event, Smells Like Team Spirit, to decorate an office space in their team color. We were blown away with the incredibly creative and over-the-top décor our teams came up with! The green team created a jungle in their office area complete with a jungle soundtrack, and the purple team turned the entire reception area into the Purple People Eater Bistro with its very own Purple People Eater (compliments of our President and CTO).

The event was judged by our Mid-Atlantic and West business development directors. They relied on videos and photos detailing the teams and their office spaces. After much deliberation, the orange team was awarded the gold medal for the event. In addition to a very orange office space, they donned team shirts, came up with a team chant, played a scary soundtrack, and used a diffuser to ensure the space smelled like oranges.

We’re Flipping Out for Flip Cup

We kicked off the rest of the Avolympic events with a game of flip cup. Each team chose 5 Avolympians to participate, and the first team who successfully flipped their last cup had to run and ring a bell to claim the gold. The pink team’s flip cup skills were front and center when they were awarded the gold medal for the event.

Toilet Toss was a Fan Favorite

2 Avolympians from each team were selected for the next event, Toilet Toss. Both team members threw toilet paper rolls through toilet seats sitting on top of cardboard boxes. At the end of a 45-second blitz, the team with the most toilet paper in their cardboard box won. Congratulations to the green team for taking home the gold!

Donut You Love a Relay Race

The last event featured a donut-eating relay race. And if that’s not fun enough, we added a twist: no hands! Teams chose 5 Avolympians to compete, and got their fill of sprinkle, plain, powdered sugar, and cream and jelly-filled donuts. We don’t think the blue team will be wanting donuts anytime soon, but they’ll forever have their gold medals!

E = Mustache Squared: A Tie Breaker

We were faced with a 4-way tie between the orange, pink, green, and blue teams. Our tie breaker event, E = Mustache Squared, was the only thing standing between these teams and the title of First Ever Avolympics Champions! Each team chose 1 Avolympian to be blindfolded, spun around, and given a sticky mustache to affix to a drawing of Albert Einstein.

Go Green!

The green team placed the mustache right under Einstein’s nose and will go down in Avomeen history as our very first Avolympics Champions! Their victory was celebrated with champagne bottle confetti poppers and very tacky trophies!


Our featured blogger is Katie Morgan, Avomeen’s Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development. She served as an Avolympics official alongside Melissa Gransden, also pictured. Katie has over a decade of experience establishing and implementing client development strategies, and her broad range of experience includes strategic contract development and marketing and content development. 

Learn more about Katie’s expertise and experience.