An expert witness can play a large role in the success of your court case.  In patent infringement cases, for example, the data can get rather complicated and rarely will most of the individuals in the courtroom have the knowledge to be able to understand the raw data.  An expert witness that can break down and explain the data in an easy to understand way can make a large difference in the outcome of a case.
An expert witness that has litigation support experience and an extended background in chemistry can be able to answer complicated questions about the product or situation at hand in a non-biased and professional way.   Often having an expert witness that has a deep understanding of the issue at hand and can explain the main points to both parties at hand can help to settle a case before it even goes to trial.
When looking for an analytical chemist for your litigation case it helps if they have had previous experience working with court cases, have the proper background into your industry or type of product, and are excellent communicators who can break down complicated data into an easy to understand format.
About Avomeen:
Avomeen Analytical Services is an FDA-Registered and cGMP-Compliant contract analytical laboratory located in Ann Arbor, MI.  It’s nationwide laboratory specializes in solving complex analytical problems, material testing & identification, quality control, and product development services.   Avomeen has performed testing for a variety of court cases and has experienced expert witnesses if in court testimony is needed.