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2021 Minorities in STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Shagun S.

Avomeen is committed to supporting and helping to inspire the next generation of scientists and leaders in STEM. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to help ease some of the financial stress that comes with higher education. Our Women in STEM and Minorities in STEM Scholarship Program allows us to support undergraduates who are on their way to doing incredible things in STEM fields of study. In 2021, we were able to expand the annual scholarship program to offer additional scholarships to 2 amazing students, one who applied for Avomeen’s Women in STEM scholarship, and another who applied for Avomeen’s Minorities in STEM scholarship.  Today, we’re getting to know Shagun S., one of the the recipients of Avomeen’s 2021 Minorities in STEM Scholarship.

You’re planning to study computer science, and are passionate about helping to transform the field into a diverse community. Did you consider any other professions or fields of study before deciding on computer science?

Yes for sure! Since I wasn’t introduced to computer science from a young age, I always had different professions in mind such as becoming a psychiatrist or a lawyer. However, after taking multiple STEM classes in high school and exploring computer science, I knew I wanted to go into the STEM field and explore the future of technology further.

Who and/or what has influenced your career path?

My parents have always told me that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. I am grateful for the multiple opportunities I have received to pursue my interests. In high school as I started learning more about technology and the environment I knew I would want to work in an intersection of these two fields. Currently, I will be attending MIT in the fall and majoring in Computer Science and receiving an Environment and Sustainability Minor.

We understand that you’ve founded Girls Who Code in your school district to encourage girls to pursue computer science. Can you tell us more about Girls Who Code?

Last fall I had the opportunity to take AP Computer Science. While I loved the class, I noticed that the majority of the class was males. I felt obligated to end the perpetual cycle of male-dominated STEM courses and with the help of my teachers and peers, we were able to start a Girls Who Code club in my school district. The club focuses on encouraging women and non-binary individuals to pursue computer science through women-led coding camps. The club promotes equality and acceptance for all. In addition, through Girls Who Code, our school district has seen a dramatic increase in course enrollment for computer science courses!

What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate, I plan to spend some time abroad in India or Mexico where I hope to teach high school students more about the STEM field. Later on, I also plan to work for a tech start-up that is focused on green energy.

Science is fun! We’re big fans of science and STEM jokes. Do you have a favorite joke you’d like to share?

I am actually a math tutor for kids so I always have a few jokes on hand. My favorite math joke would have to be “Why are circles so smart? Because they have 360 degrees”. As for science jokes, I will have to go with the classic, “Why can you never trust an atom? Because they make up everything”.


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