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Deformulation Lab (Chemical Reverse Engineering)

Deformulation analysis, referred to in some industries as chemical reverse engineering is used to breakdown even the most complex products formulations in order to identify and quantify the ingredients used in its creation.  This is completed through the isolation, identification, characterization, and quantitation of a formulation or products individual components.

Deformulation services are often paired with a process referred to as reformulation, this process discovers how to use this data in order to re-create the exact product.  During the reformulation process the original products formulation can be modified in order to make the product more environmentally friendly, produce less odors, dry faster, and to meet a large variety of other product specifications.

Send us your sample, will breakdown the products formulation in order to tell you what it contains and how to recreate it.  We Maintain Strict Confidentiality – Our Clients Own All Testing & Analysis Results

The process involved in reverse engineering a product’s chemical structure can also be used to:

  • Solve complex product failure
  • Uncover the identity of an unknown material or contaminate
  • Analyze your product versus your competitors
  • Recreate a product or formulation
  • Prove/disprove marketing claims
  • Verify that the product is accurately being manufactured according to your formulation
  • Test the purity of raw materials
  • Litigation cases such as patent infringement or counterfeit products
  • and more

The skilled chemists in our deformulation laboratory can reverse engineer a variety of products to determine their chemical composition including cosmetics, polymers, coatings, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cleaning products, food & beverage items, and a wide range of other consumer, industrial, and specialty products.

For more information or to speak directly to one of our Ph.D. chemists call (800) 930-5450 and our friendly staff will be able to assist you.


Analytical techniques utilized in our deformulation analyses include:

  • Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (HPLC, LC/MS)
  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy (UV/VIS)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Induced Coupled Plasma (ICP)
  • And more!

We pride ourselves on providing a superior level of customer services and ensuring that we complete your project right the first time.  Avomeen’s deformulation chemists are here for you both during and after your analysis has been completed.  All of our projects are custom designed and detailed reports are produced that can be used by those with or without a chemistry background.

As a general practice we always hold strict confidentiality in all of the projects that we take for our clients.  If you would like a non-disclosure agreement to be in place before a consultation with one of our chemists, please download ours by right clicking here and clicking “save as” to download our NDA.  Once completed send your NDA to or fax it to 800-930-5479.

Case Study – Deformulation Lab: Comparing Competing Product Formulations

Industry: Consumer Products
Problem: Japanese competitor sold a better product
Solution: A distributor that sells specialty pens found out that the last US manufacture of their two inks was moving their production to China.  They wanted to begin producing the ink in-house to avoid any safety or quality issues from overseas production.   They turned to Avomeen because they were not sure of the products exact ingredients, the quantities of the ingredients, or the production process.

through the use of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, and extractions, Avomeen was able to provide the customer with a detailed report.  The report included all of the ingredients in their ink, the quantities of each component, and a detailed description of the production process.

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