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Your CRO/CDMO Can and Should Do More than Deliver Data

Have you asked lately what more your CRO (contract research organization) or CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) can do for you? It’s a fair question, and one you should be asking. Your CRO/CDMO should be more than just another service provider or vendor – they should be your partner.

Utilize Your CRO’s Network and Connections

CROs and CDMOs have a vast network that can and should be utilized by their clients. Synergies exist across platforms, product lines, and organizations that your CRO can identify if you just ask. When you’ve got a partner in your CRO, the phrase “it’s all in who you know” takes on new meaning.

A CRO Partner Can Support Your Fund-Raising Efforts

Your CRO should be familiar with working with small to mid-size companies and helping them grow their business and get to the next level by providing:

  • Referrals
  • Credibility-building data interpretation
  • Credibility- building participation in road shows
  • Structuring partnerships where CRO milestones are aligned with yours
  • Agreements structured so the CRO is incented by your fund-raising milestones

Avomeen Supports Fund-Raising & Growth of Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Avomeen has a proven track record in supporting partners in securing funding and growing their businesses. Are you interested in knowing more? Connect with us.



Our featured blogger is Katie Morgan, Avomeen’s Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development. She has over a decade of experience establishing and implementing client development strategies, and her broad range of experience includes strategic contract development and marketing and content development.

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