Using Litigation Support Services from an Analytical Laboratory

When a legal case involves contamination, patient infringement, or needs reliable & accurate data to prove or disapprove a point many lawyers and individuals turn to chemists and scientists from analytical laboratories to provide litigation support services.

These services can be included in a variety of ways. Sometimes a laboratory is used to gather data and write a report that can be used by the lawyer in a court case. If the data is complex and hard to explain or if it is a larger court case the scientists may be brought into court as an expert witness to explain the data in an easy to understand way.

Expert witnesses are often brought in on patient infringement cases due to the difficulty of reviewing the patient and explaining what would cause a violation of the patient followed by reviewing if the product in the particular case has violated the patient or not. These can often be very high stakes court cases due the steep penalties for violating patients and the resulting impact on the business.

About Avomeen

Avomeen is a FDA-Registered and cGMP-Compliant contract analytical laboratory located in Ann Arbor, MI. We specialize in solving complex analytical problems, material testing & identification, quality control, and product development services, have performed testing for a variety of court cases and have experienced expert witnesses if in-court testimony is needed.