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The Key to Successful New Product Development & Innovation

Innovative thinking and ideas often are found though expertise, experimentation, and fresh perspective. At Avomeen, we foster an environment that allows our team to be innovative. Our unique team build allows us to delve into a wide range of formulation needs, ranging from the complex to everyday essentials. Our ability to design proven models for discovery and deliver new formulation in an efficient and timely manner has become a staple of our formulation development services.

A Successful Formulation is About More than Experience

Our team’s blend of experience and intellectual humility, knowing there is always something left to learn, allow for rapid understanding of our client’s needs and onboarding of projects.  We work on behalf of our clients’ teams and are not afraid to ask questions or subvert the rules that are based on convention or company politics. This approach fosters the rogue thinking that promotes innovation.

Our experienced formulation staff teaches our younger staff this rebel thinking as they build their expertise. Avomeen blends the benefits of subject matter experts with hungry to learn and succeed staff to push beyond standard constraints and conventional thinking. Good ideas are always cultivated and client input guides the development process via a feedback loop about formulation samples and product performance data.

Our fearless curiosity doesn’t mean that every project needs full-throttle boundary pushing or redefinition. While we love being creative and experimental, some of our clients need just a push to get common or emulated products onto shelves, and we have the experience to know the difference.

When to Bring in Outside Formulation Expertise

Are your products in need of updating to keep track with the market? Has turnover left your R&D team without the capacity for new work? Is your current innovator too close to the current product line and unable to effectively address and innovate around the problem?

  • Experimenting with no expertise = amateur
  • Expertise with no experimentation = stagnation

At Avomeen, we can help to shake up product lines and look for efficiency in process and raw materials that can lead to cost savings.

How Avomeen Can Help

If you’re looking for support to improve upon an existing formula or develop a first-in-class product, our collaborative, knowledgeable formulation scientists can support your needs from product modification all the way to invention and new product development. Do you have a specific project in mind? Connect with our formulation experts.

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Our expert blogger is Evan Boyst, Avomeen’s Senior Technical Director of Innovation and Product Development. He has facilitated the product launch from R&D to production of several products and has experience in developing personal care, industrial, and food and beverage formulations. 

Learn more about Evan’s expertise and experience.