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The Business Value of Avomeen’s Deformulation Services

Deformulation is the technical term for reverse engineering a product’s formulation.  This process separates the components that comprise a sample so the ingredients can be identified and quantified.  Deformulation services such as those provided by Avomeen is used by companies within a variety of industries to better understand both their own and their competitors’ products.
Within both commercial and industrial industries, a deformulation analysis is used from products ranging from polymers to pharmaceuticals.  This complex chemical analysis can be performed for a variety of reasons to solve many tough problems that manufacturers and other companies face during their product development process.

Why Companies Pursue Deformulation Services

One common reason is to better stand their own products formulation in comparison to their competitors.  This could be done to provide solid evidence to back up a new marketing campaign, determine how a competing manufacturer is able to produce their product at a lower cost, and show if another company is violating another’s patents.  This allows for in-depth product research and comparison. It also allows identification of alternative ingredients that would allow for greater performance or durability.  For smaller companies that produce off-brand products, deformulation can help prove that their product is just as good as their competitions that it is based on.
 Sometimes this type of analysis is done in order to verify that multiple batches of a product are being produced based on the same formulation.  This is often done when a company uses multiple blenders for their products to ensure that the proper amounts of active ingredients are being used in each batch made.  This is also used internally to ensure the accuracy of the machinery that is producing the product.
To ensure that a product is safe and meets its markets governmental and industrial regulations, deformulation can also be used to verify components like volatile organic components are not present within a product.  This can also be used to check that batches of a product have not been contaminated.  Sometimes a company knows that a product has failed and used deformulation services to determine the reason behind the failure of the product.

How Deformulation is Utilized by the Pharmaceutical Industry

For pharmaceutical products, a deformulation analysis is especially common.  Generic drug manufacturers use deformulation and reformulation services in order to study a product so it can be reproduced.  Once a product has been successfully deformulated a trained chemist can use the data gained to determine how the ingredients are combined in order to make the pharmaceutical product.  This leaves the generic drug manufacturer with both the ingredients list and the recipe to the existing product.

Additional Benefits of Deformulation

A deformulation analysis can also help increase the shelf life of a product or be used to reformulate a product into a more environmentally friendly version of itself.  After the analysis is complete ingredients can be swapped out with more desirable ingredients.  This modification can help with both these and many other reasons including using components that provide the same benefit but cost less as raw materials.

How Avomeen Can Help

Avomeen’s deformulation services are not limited to just those listed here. In fact, Avomeen customizes each service to the needs of the client and can develop services from the ground up. Contact us today to learn more; we look forward to working with you!