Toxicity Testing & Heavy Metal Analysis

Experts at Avomeen’s Toxicity Testing Laboratory can let you know if your food container, pharmaceutical product, or food product are safe for sale.  Our Ph.D. scientists can perform heavy metal analysis and screens to identify the toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium.

From testing for contaminants, verifying compliance with industry and government regulations, to deformulating a product to analyze all components, our cGMP-Compliant, and FDA-Registered toxicity testing lab can test your products to confirm their safety for public use.

By using extractable and leachable testing, Avomeen can verify that your container or packaging product is not giving off toxic chemicals.  Also by running material identification to breakdown and identify all of the ingredients in a product and cross checking those ingredients with government and industry banned lists, Avomeen Analytical Services can help with your testing and analytical needs.

Avomeen laboratory can perform prop-65 testing services on a variety of items including baby bottles, food containers, and toys.  Our toxicity testing laboratory can make sure that your product is compliant with all consumer regulations.  Our Ph.D. scientists can handle your complex testing and analytical needs.

Case Study – Toxicity Testing Laboratory

Industry: Food Manufacturing
Problem: Possible toxin hiding in food sample
Solution: A food manufacturer came to us before the marketing and sale of their product to verify that it was safe to sell and did not contain any toxins. Avomeen’s scientists used reverse engineering techniques and proprietary separation protocols along with other analytical techniques and instrumentation to analyze the sample of the food product.  Avomeen’s scientists provided the company with a detailed report of their findings, confirming the safety of the product so the manufacturer was able to begin production of their new product.

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