Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure Testing

Avomeen’s chemists can run TCLP analysis or toxicity characteristic leaching procedure testing for our clients. This analysis determines the leachability, and characterizes hazardous waste. This analysis can determine the mobility of both inorganic and organic analytes. These analytes can be tested for their presence in liquid, solid, and multiphasic wastes.

This type of testing is usually performed at the recommendation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to determine the safety of these materials and what level of storage or cleanup is required for them. Through a simulation of landfill situations, this type of testing allows one to show potential risks of contaminants or hazardous waste located within a sample that might cause harm to the environment. This type of testing is often down under RCRA (40 CFR Part 261) of D004 through D052 to determine if a waste falls under the definition of EP Toxicity.

What materials are considered hazardous?
• Toxic “7-11 test”
• Reactive “Unstable, reacts to water, prone to violent changes”
• Ignitable “Flashpoint under 140 degrees Fahrenheit”
• Corrosive “Aqueous levels of pH”
• Pesticides
• Those listed in CFR (List of categorized wastes)

Type of tests that are performed (Requirements Vary By State):toxicity characteristic leachable procedure testing and hazardous waste analysis
TCLP / SPLP – EPA 1311/1312
o TCLP 10 MDEQ Metals (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Hg, Ag, Se, Zn)
 SW846 1311/6020/7471A
 EPA SW846

o TCLP – VOC’s
 EPA 8260B

 EPA 8270C

• Microbiological Parameters
o Coliform Bacteria – Total/E Coli
 SM9223B2b P/A (Presence/Absence)

o Coliform Bacteria – Enumeration
 SM9223B MPN (Most Profitable Number)

o Fecal Coliform
 SM9222D MF (Membrane Filtration)

o Iron Bacteria

What is Analyzed (Requirements Vary By State):
• Metal / Semi Volatile Organics
o Extraction Fee

• TCLP Metals
o SW846 7000

• TCLP Lead Only
o 7420 FAA
o 7421 GFAA

• ZHE / Volatiles
o 8260B

o 8021B
o 8260B

• Semi– Volatiles
o 8270C

• Full TCLP W/O Pest/Herbs
o 8260B
o 8270C
o Organics

• ZHE / 8010 List Solvents
o 8260B

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