Product Efficacy Testing Services

Third party analytical testing laboratory that can test the efficacy of products including cosmetics, coatings, cleaning products, topical products, pharmaceuticals, oils, insect repellents (pesticides), and more.  Determine the effectiveness of your product by identifying its positive performance effects and shortcomings.

Avomeen’s independent testing lab proudly serves entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors, lawyers, other laboratories & companies of all sizes

Our product performance and safety testing chemists can analyze your product and its raw materials to answer complex questions including:

  • Does your product meet its antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, deodorizing, etc. marketing claims?
  • Safety Efficacy – Is your product free of bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses?
  • What is your products formula destruction, neutralization, decontamination, and by-products?
  • What is the expiry date or shelf life of your product?
    • What conditions should your product be stored within?
  • Are your raw materials free from impurities?
    • Does your products packaging leech toxic chemicals into the product it contains?
  • Is my products selected preservative the appropriate choice?
    • Is the preservative within my products formulation at the proper level to maintain efficacy?
  • How can I perform a quality control check on the manufacturer of my product?
    • Is the quality of the product I receive from my manufacturer consistent?
  • Can you test various concentrations of my products to determine the most effective concentration of active ingredients?

Our chemists will determine the efficacy of your product and can report their results in a certificate of analysis (CoA) or custom report style of your choosing.  If a problem is found within your products formula, we can work with you or your manufacturer to develop a resolution.

Efficacy testing services including:

  • Product shelf life and degradation testing
  • Competitor Product Comparison – Compare the performance of your product vs that of your competitors
  • Claim Substantiation – Validate your marketing claims
  • Ensure the chemical makeup of your product remains consistent through batch-to-batch testing
  • USP monograph testing
  • Material characterization
  • Heavy metals & toxic material screen
  • Product failure & defect analysis
    • Contaminants & impurities assay
  • Verification of ingredients and their quantities
  • Raw material testing services
  • Safety Efficacy – Verify your product is safe for its intended use
  • Preservative Efficacy Testing <USP 51>
    • (Antimicrobial Effectiveness test according to US Pharmacopeia)
  • Deformulation services and product emulation

Instruments utilized by Avomeen’s laboratory testing facility include:


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