Chemical Odor Analysis & Testing Laboratory

chemical_odor_analysisIs your product releasing a strange or unappealing chemical odor?  Avomeen’s chemical odor testing laboratory can identify what ingredient(s) within your product are giving off unwanted chemical odors.  Our chemists can help you reformulate your product to either remove & replace the ingredients giving off the foul odor, or add new ingredients that will mask the chemical odor.

Chemical odor analysis is utilized in polymers, cleaners, packaging, household products and more.

For cleaners, often times the active ingredient which provides the majority of the cleaning performance within the product may be giving off an unpleasant chemical odor.  When many consumers buy household products, chemical odor can be a main criteria for purchase – a product that works wonders but gives off a noxious chemical odor is most likely one that its customers will have a hard time repurchasing.  With the latest push towards organic products that have natural odors, reformulating your product to maintain these qualities can help increase sales.

Let our skilled chemists reformulate your product to maintain the same performance but maintain a pleasant odor.

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