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Our custom formulation development services help entrepreneurs and manufacturers turn their innovative ideas into a finished product.  After a consultation with one of our Ph.D. chemists, we can understand the characteristics and specifications of the product you are looking to create. A dedicated team of skilled formulation chemists will go to work developing multiple prototypes for you to sample.

Building from the initial prototypes we work with you to refine your idea into an end product that meets your exact specifications.  Your team of chemists is available for you both during and after your product formulation is complete to bring you peace of mind, and help with additional steps beyond the initial product development process.

Avomeen’s clients own all data produced and retain full rights to their formula.
Review our NDA (Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement) or send yours to


Typical Steps to Our Product Development:

  • Free Consultation with Ph.D. Chemist
  • Receive project proposal
  • Your Team of Experienced Chemists Develop Prototype’s
  • Review & Comment on Prototypes
  • Your Team will Modify Formulation to meet Your Specifications
  • Formulation Finalized

For clients that benefit from additional support, we can help with everything from refining your initial idea to getting your finished product into your customer’s hands including:

  • Source & Test Raw Materials
  • Find & test appropriate Product Packaging
  • Verify Marketing Claims
  • Perform Stability & Shelf Life Studies
  • Verify your product meets government and industrial regulations
  • Produce Small Batches to show Investors, Distributors, Manufacturers, or for use at Trade Shows
  • Perform Scale up and Manufacturing Support
  • Set up relationship with a contract blender to manufacture your product



Product Development Proposal

Not sure if you’re innovative idea is even possible to produce?
Our chemists can perform feasibility studies to evaluate our ability to deliver a product that meets your desired characteristics and show proof of concept. Call 1-800-930-5450 today for a Free Consultation with one of our Ph.D. Chemists.

Like a competitor’s product, but feel its formulation would perform better if modified with your innovative ideas?
Want to manufacture the next generation of eco-friendly products?
Looking to reformulate or optimize a product that you currently produce?


Advanced Product Testing & Development Services for a Variety of Industries Including:

Product Development Laboratory

What Sets Avomeen’s Product Development Laboratory Apart?

Avomeen’s multiple laboratories within a single laboratory complex allows us to specialize in multiple areas which help advance our product development services:

  • Product Deformulation
  • Reformulation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Formulation Development
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Litigation Support Services

For example we have helped manufacturers expand their product lines through deformulation and reformulation services on existing products.  This saves time as well as costs in initial research and development as a deformulation analysis reverse engineers a competing product that you like, in order to have it reformulated adding your own innovative ideas to develop a new product on your behalf.

We can also help you with your litigation support to verify that your new product will not violate existing patents or help you gain a patent protecting your new product formulation.

For a Quote, Free Consultation with a Ph.D. Chemist, or Questions:
Call: 1-800-930-5450

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Case Study: New Product Development
Industry: Household Products
Problem: Developing a New Cleaning Product

Solution: An entrepreneur approached our product development team with a plan to create a new cleaning product. He had researched many cleaners in the market, and found the current product that provided the best cleaning power. He sent samples of this product to Avomeen, where we used our deformulation expertise to identify the active and inactive ingredients of the existing product.

Our scientists also compiled a detailed report of new academic research and patent applications in the field to determine where improvements could be made over existing products. Finally, our reformulation experts developed three new trial formulations for the entrepreneur to test and evaluate, along with final recipes allowing the client to make these new products on his own.