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Product Reverse Engineering Analysis

Avomeen Analytical Services specializes in reverse engineering services for a variety of industries.  Avomeen’s chemists use separation techniques to identify the chemical breakdown of complex mixtures. Product reverse engineering analysis also allows for scientists to quantify the various components inside of a sample. Avomeen’s reverse engineering services will allow your business to gain the insights necessary to improve or develop your product.

Product reverse engineering produces results that allow our customers to:

  • Research and compare competitive products at a chemical level
  • Identify batch vs. batch inconsistencies in their products preventing or solving quality control issues
  • Receive in-depth testing reports for trade secret investigations or patent infringement cases
  • Allows a product to be reformulated into a better performing or all-natural version
  • Gain recipe instructions and raw materials needed allowing them to switch manufacturers

Chemists in our product reverse engineering lab can produce the product breakdown and manufacturing recipes for a variety of products, including pharmaceuticalscosmeticsmedical devices, plasticscleaning products, and a range of consumer and industrial products.

Analytical services techniques utilized in our reverse engineering analyses include:

With the latest technology available, Avomeen has many different methods to reverse engineer your samples. Whether you need chemical or product reverse engineering, we have the expertise and capabilities you need:

Case Study – Reverse Engineering Analysis: Competitive Product Analysis

Industry: Medical Practice
Problem: Developing a Topical Medicine
Solution: A doctor came to Avomeen with a topical medicine that worked extremely well with the long-term goal to be able to reproduce the product for use in his own practice. We were able to perform a reverse engineering analysis on the medicine to determine the active ingredients. FT-IR, LC/MS, GC/MS, and EDXA analyses allowed Avomeen’s Ph.D. chemists to determine the identity and percentages of the active and inactive ingredients present in the sample.  Avomeen’s reformulation specialists were then able to purchase all of the chemicals used in the medicine and develop trial formulations for the customer to try.

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