Food Contact Materials Testing

Food contact materials are materials that come into contact with food or beverages also known as foodstuffs.  This includes items used in the processing and packaging process as well as dishes, cutlery, containers, glasses, bottles, etc.

Avomeen’s food contact materials testing laboratory can test these items to ensure that they meet safety and regulatory standards in a variety of countries and regions including the United States (USA), Europe (EU), China, Germany, Japan, France, and Korea.  These and other countries have established strict regulations on these items in order to prevent a public safety risk.  All products that are imported into the US or EU must be tested and certified.  Avomeen’s chemists can ensure that your food contact materials (FCM) are in compliance with global safety regulations.

Our chemical detection and regulation services utilize a variety of specialized equipment such as gas and liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.  We can let you know what the detection levels allowed are, and what current levels are in your product as well as identifying ways to reduce levels to meet regulations.

Materials that can be tested for food contact regulations and safety includes:

  • Polymers, Plastics, Rubbers
  • Silicone, Adhesives, Sealants
  • Non-stick Coating
  • Ceramics, Glass
  • Paper, Paperboard’s
  • Metals, Metallic Articles
  • Wood Products
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