Chemical Reverse Engineering Services

What can chemical reverse engineering services do for your company, and what questions will be answered?

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What does a typical deformulation & reformulation project result in?

  • Deformulate a product identifying:
    • Major and minor ingredients down to ppm or ppb level
    • Active and inactive ingredients
    • Organic and inorganic materials
    • Identify hazards or safety concerns within the product
  • Competitor products can be analyzed to:
    • Verify that your patent is not being broken
    • Disprove their marketing claims
    • Identify key differences at a chemical level showing strengths and weaknesses of each product giving your marketing team invaluable information.
    • Understand how a product is produced and identify what causes specific performance or stability benefits in their product.
  • Research & Reformulation:
    • Identify the ingredients in a product and produce the recipe on how to make the product.
    • At this stage, companies that want to be more environmentally friendly or seek to reach a new niche market can request that the product be reformulated using an eco-friendly reformulation with all natural ingredients.
    • Research new developments in the field, identifying performance and new product features that are available.
    • Identify patents on other products in the industry.
    • During reformulation, Avomeen’s scientists can modify the formula towards the client’s request in order to produce results like:
      • Longer shelf life
      • Resistance to corrosion
      • Faster dry time
      • Reduced odor
      • Change in color or appearance
      • Etc.
    • Trial batches are then created in order for the client to test and determine which variation they like the best.
    • Final ingredients list and the recipe for the newly reformulated product are given to the client who owns all of the research data, the detailed report given, and the rights to the product.
    • We have our own NDA or are happy to sign one of yours.

Companies often use our reverse chemical engineering services:

  • When switching raw material suppliers to verify the quality of the ingredients.
  • To have a better understanding of a competitor’s product.
  • When they have a sample of a product that they would like to modify and produce for themselves.
  • When the company manufacturing their product on their behalf is hiding the recipe of how the product is produced and is raising their production costs due to their assumption that the company will be unable to switch manufacturers.
  • To perform occasional batch-to-batch testing to verify products consistency and quality over time.
  • To perform purity, properties, impurities, characterization, and more.

Avomeen Analytical Services specialty is material testing and material identification. Specifically that of chemical reverse engineering or deformulation.

We have a variety of experience in chemical reverse engineering services including:

  • Medical Devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals, Supplements
  • Ink, Paints, Coatings
  • Packaging and Industrial Goods
  • Cleaning Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Household Goods
  • Items comprised of a Polymer, Plastic, or Rubber

Avomeen is an independent contract testing laboratory.  Our clients own all data and reports produced and all rights to produce the product.  While Avomeen is not a manufacturer, we can produce sample batches for you to try identifying the best variation of the reformulated product.

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