Investigative Analysis Laboratory

Investigative chemical analysis services from Avomeen help manufactures solve their complex product testing, development, and manufacturing problems.  From determining the root cause behind a product failure or defect, to lowering rising production costs by identifying suitable raw material alternatives, to reverse engineering a competing product formulation our chemists can solve your cost complex problems.

Manufacturing Problem Solving

Over 65% of our technical staff members are Ph.D. chemists or above.  Unlike routine analysis labs our experienced chemists are trained to dig much deeper into a problem to develop accurate and actionable results that solve our client’s true problems.

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Our clients use our independent full-service investigative testing & product development laboratory for a variety of reasons, contact us today at (800) 930-5450 for a free initial consultation with one of our Ph.D. chemists who can help you solve even your most complex analytical testing and manufacturing problems.