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Small Batch Manufacturing

Creating a successful product formulation is priority number one at Avomeen. We routinely work with customers to help them analyze the basic constituents of their products. This analysis helps eliminate problems and, ideally, leads to product improvements. Many of our customers require small batch analysis and reformulation services for their products or products in development. We work with them to overcome their challenges and achieve working solutions that enhance their product designs.

Small-Batch Manufacturing Challenges

Many industries consult with Avomeen for product formulation and analysis. We assist manufacturers of paint, cosmetics, pesticides, oil, plastics, and more. Small batch formulations sometimes need major overhauls and sometimes minor tweaking. Within out state-of-the-art facilities, we can help customers gauge the changes needed to make their small batch manufacturing a success.

Sometimes the challenge for a product formulation is its stability. Chemical analysis allows our scientists to determine accurate quantities. In some cases, quantities require adjustment. In other cases, components must be swapped out entirely to achieve a desired result. In other cases, a contaminant—like machine residue or a surfactant—could be detracting from the formula’s performance.

Our goal is to help our customers create a winning small-batch formulation so that they can move from development to larger-scale operations. Before spending a fortune on untargeted testing, let our expert chemists provide careful analysis to more effectively spotlight areas for improvement.

Plan Creation

After our chemists provide our analysis services, they can help your company reconfigure its formula for success. We can assist with new product development or help improve an existing product. Our technical skills give us an edge when it comes to multi-type product formulations. When you consult with Avomeen, we can help you create a plan of action for your small-batch formulations. In this way, we’re more than simply a chemical analysis laboratory. We have the skills and equipment needed to create and test new formulations based on advanced analysis.

As we work with you to create a customized plan of action, we will help define your formulation’s problem or area for improvement, recommend specific testing methods and procedures, an provide expert insights every step of the way.

Perfect Your Small-Batch Formulations

If you are developing a new product in any industry, you can contact Avomeen for our complete lineup of analysis services. Tell us about the challenges you face and we’ll help you find targeted solutions for them. We are ready to partner with you to improve your product’s formulation. Accurate testing and analysis gives your small batch an edge and helps you make changes based on sound scientific information.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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