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Innovation through Product Reformulation

Avomeen specializes in successful execution of all stages of the product development process, including product reformulation. Our world-class team of experienced product development scientists and innovative formulators work with clients of all sizes from some of the world’s largest companies to entrepreneurial start-ups in a wide variety of industries including personal care, foods and beverages, industrial, consumer and household, green and eco-friendly and more.

We offer custom product development support for a plethora of products such as paints and coatings, personal care products like shampoos, soaps, and OTC products like sunscreens and toothpastes to household cleaners and more. Let our expert team of formulators offer you piece of mind throughout the entire product reformulation process whether you’re just reformulating an existing product or looking to complete the entire product development process.

Eco-Friendly Product Guide

Next-Gen Product Reformulation Strategy

Reformulation is the process of recreating an existing formula. This specific service is most often used by clients interested in owning their product’s formula, wanting to recreate or improve an existing formula, or recover a lost formulation.

One of the first steps in reformulating a product is deformulation, which allows our scientists to identify and quantify all existing components in a formulation. Next, Avomeen’s experts develop the formulation, determining how to best process, mix and blend ingredients to create a final product with all desired formulation adaptions and performance characteristics. Once that process is complete, our formulation scientists will work with you to ensure complete satisfaction with your newly formulated product. Avomeen’s team of expert formulators are conscious of the newest innovations and can help develop new trial reformulations of your product to balance performance, production costs, environmental safety, and more to help you create the product you’ve envisioned.

Avomeen brings:

A full-service R&D lab and team that acts as an extension of your team, supporting you throughout the entire product development lifecycle A team of consultative scientists who stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes in regulatory guidance, certifications, and standards Decades of experience in custom formulation development, product reformulation, innovative product development, regulatory support, and more

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Product Reformulation Success Stories

Manufacturing a new product or updating an existing product may be a taxing process for numerous reasons, but when you partner with Avomeen, you can leave those concerns behind. Check out these case studies that showcase product reformulation strategies that deliver both high-quality, high-performance formulations and peace of mind.

Case Study: Regaining Control of a Personal Care Formulation


A personal care client had a formula from a manufacturer they no longer wished to work with as the formula may have been modified, creating a potential liability for the client. Avomeen was tasked with identifying the components of the current, existing formulation to create new intellectual property for the company.


Avomeen’s team of expert formulators completely analyzed and reverse engineered, or deformulated, the formulation, identifying the ingredients present, including various waxes, oils, humectants, emulsifiers, preservatives, vitamins, solubilizer liquids and diluents. As suspected, when comparing the product label to the data generated, some ingredients listed on the label were not found in the formula whereas other ingredients that were not listed on the product label were identified.


Our team delivered the newly reformulated hair care product formulation to the client along with our deformulation findings. In addition to reformulating the product, Avomeen’s team of formulators optimized and simplified the manufacturing process, resulting in simplified mixing conditions requiring less heating and energy consumption. Overall, the client was thrilled with their new formulation and was able to find a different manufacturer to continue creating their product.

Regain Control of Your Formulation

Expand Your Team with Knowledgeable and Consultative Expert Formulation Scientists

At Avomeen, we understand how critically important the right partnership is, but how can a partnership be more than that? As a partner, Avomeen is here to offer more than just data. Our consultative, innovative formulation team aims to bring you an award-winning formulation and peace of mind throughout your product development process. This includes the transfer of valuable intellectual property rights for your newly reformulated formulation. Avomeen is ready to partner with you on your next project, large or small. Get started today by connecting with a reformulation expert.

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