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Custom, Full-Service R&D Product Development Laboratory

Avomeen offers a world-class product development laboratory and facilities that allow us to perform a full spectrum of services. Our team of experienced scientists and formulators work with clients that represent a myriad of industries including dietary supplements, paints, personal care, food and beverage, and more.

From the beginning of the formulation development process to technology transfer and scale up, Avomeen is here to provide innovative solutions, partnership, and peace of mind. That means going above and beyond the initial product design and development process to offer additional support ensuring the product delivered meets your desired characteristics and expectations.

Avomeen brings:

Comprehensive solutions that provide support throughout the entire product development lifecycle, including a purpose-built, full-service R&D lab and experienced scientists that act as an extension of your team A consultative team of scientific experts with years of industry and R&D experience along with an unmatched depth and breadth of regulatory and industry knowledge A proven track record of success modifying, innovating, and analyzing formulations that support a wide range of industries and applications

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Proven Success Supporting a Wide Range of Industries & Applications with Product Development & Innovation Services

Industrial Manufacturing

Avomeen can help support your company whether you’re developing a new industrial product or need help troubleshooting an issue. Our experience analyzing and formulating sealants and adhesives, plastics and polymers, paints, coatings, and more can give you an edge up on your competition. From sourcing and testing raw materials to quality control and competitor comparisons, we’re here to help.

Our team of industry-leading scientists and formulators were enlisted by a client to deformulate and reformulate their existing drain cleaner product. This specific product is used in the maintenance of plumbing throughout cruise ships. After conducting thorough research, our expert chemists identified a problem that could potentially lead to regulatory issues. The issue was remedied and we identified new suppliers and chemical alternatives for their formulation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while reducing the overall cost of the product.

Chemicals & Materials

Our scientists have decades of experience investigating, studying, and analyzing chemicals and materials to identify potential hazards, pinpoint the source of contamination or failure, and improve competitive positioning of existing or new products.

Avomeen was contacted to help a client commercialize a brand-new technology based on the appropriate formulation and coating of graft co-polymers. In close partnership with our client, our team of scientists gained a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and engineered a solution that would allow the coating to be applied via a dye. This innovative solution worked best for our client’s manufacturing process and the product met all required specifications, including evaporation, low toxicity, zero flammability and reflective properties.

Consumer & Household Products

Our laboratory has experience innovating and improving upon a variety of consumer and household products, including cleaning products for a wide range of consumer and household applications. We can determine the cleaning and sanitizing effectiveness of a product, discover and analyze potential failures, identify and quantify ingredients to prevent contamination, formulate new innovative products, and much more.

Avomeen helped a client who needed to recover the formula for a central product in their product line. In addition to establishing the formula of their previously lost dish soap, they tasked our team with modifying the formula to improve performance, as well as analyzing key competitor’s products. Our team of experienced formulators matched the color and fragrance of the previous formula and improved the performance and efficacy of the product. Most importantly, the improved formula proved to be more effective than the key competitive formula identified by our client.

Green & Eco-Friendly

Green, eco-friendly and all of the terms surrounding can seem overwhelming. Luckily, our team of scientists have extensive experience creating new, innovative products and improving upon existing product formulas to ensure they meet green and/or eco-friendly standards. Avomeen’s team of knowledgeable scientists stay up to date with the most current regulatory guidance and industry trends, and have proven success optimizing paints, coatings, personal care, household products and more to meet environmental and sustainability standards.

Avomeen was contacted to reverse engineer (deformulate) and reformulate an existing water and soil remediation product used for environmental clean-up efforts. In addition to being environmentally friendly and highly effective, the product needed to be manufactured and sold at an affordable price point. Our scientists formulated an environmentally friendly product that maintained the same level of efficacy while reducing the cost of the product by 40 percent.

OTC & Nutraceutical Products

Avomeen has experience working to ensure compliance to the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.) when producing improved, novel and national brand equivalent (NBE) over the counter (OTC) and nutraceutical products. Our consultative scientists have experience supporting the entire product lifecycle and have a proven track record of providing stable products with exceptional batch-to-batch consistency.

A client contacted Avomeen after their manufacturer refused to continue producing an over-the-counter toothpaste product that was central to their product offerings. As the manufacturer held the formula details, our client needed to engage a team of multi-disciplinary scientists to identify the formula of their product. Not only were our scientists able to discover the formula, but the efficacy of the product was improved as well.

Personal Care

Avomeen specializes in developing unique and custom formulations for a variety of personal care products to meet our client’s exact specifications. Our full-service laboratory offers product testing services including impurity investigations, competitor product analysis, shelf life, performance claims, and more. Our scientists have analyzed and developed hundreds of personal care and cosmetic products including hair care, bath and body products, sunscreens, skincare products, and more.

Avomeen partnered with a client who was interested in expanding their range of use for plant sterols to include cosmetic and body care products. Our innovative scientists and formulators developed a body lotion which incorporated common ingredients in addition to their plant sterols. The lotion was created for maximum clinical efficacy, appearance and texture, and has been highly successful.

Comprehensive Service Offerings Support the Entire Product Lifecycle

We work with our partners to help entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and distributors big ideas into technically feasible products. We do that by investing not only in our staff and equipment, but in the partnerships we build with our clients. We help our partners reach their goals by offering a wide variety of services to support the entire product development lifecycle, including:


Product deformulation analysis, also known as chemical reverse engineering, is the process of breaking down a product’s formulation to separate and determine the specific identity and exact quantity of its components. This vital process allows Avomeen to provide the formula and specifications needed to manufacture and improve the product or manufacturing process.

Product Reformulation

Product reformulation allows our team of experienced scientists to look at your existing formula and identify potential areas for improvement. Significant changes may occur to meet regulatory requirements, improve performance or even develop new, innovative products from an existing formulation.

Innovation & Formulation Development

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to deliver a new, innovative product. Avomeen has more than 30 years of combined experience developing a breadth of formulations across a range of industries. Our expertise in simple and complex formulations extends from industrial manufacturing to OTC to green and eco-friendly. Avomeen’s state-of-the-art facilities and team offer both a comprehensive and tailored formulation development to any and all of your big dreams for innovative products.

Scale-Up & Manufacturing Support

When it comes time to scale up your production, transfer it to a different manufacturing service or even move it to your own facility, Avomeen is equipped to make the switch seamless. Avomeen offers small batch manufacturing which is helpful in perfecting your formulation prior to scaling up to send to an external manufacturer. Avomeen can provide the necessary guidance and support to help make your product a success in the new manufacturing facility.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Many of our customers require small batch analysis and reformation services for their products in development. Our Ph.D.-backed chemists work on-site in our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure small-batch formulations meet all required specifications so it can move from development to larger-scale operations. Tell us about the challenges you face with developing your product and we can partner with you to bring you real solutions.

Stability & Shelf Life Studies

Shelf life studies and stability testing prove the length of time your product is intended to be used for. Shelf life testing can be conducted under multiple conditions, including real-time or accelerated to meet the guidelines of the ICH and other regulators. Our cGMP-compliant facility can perform a variety of stability and shelf life studies in addition to multiple services all throughout the stages of product development.

Product Performance Testing

Performance testing measures the functionality, usability, durability and efficiency of a product to be compared and evaluated. This data can be used to improve an existing formulation, identify any product failures or even increase efficacy to meet or beat a competitor’s product. Product performance testing can also be used to meet specific manufacturer, retailer or regulatory requirements.

Marketing Claims Verification

Marketing claims help demonstrate to customers the superiority of your product over competitors. Avomeen’s marketing claims verification service allows our science-based process to verify this product excellence and set your product apart in the extremely competitive marketplace. With marketing claims verification, you not only improve your brand image, but ultimately grow your sales with the science to back up your marketing claims.

Raw Material Selection & Verification

No product can be manufactured without establishing the identity, purity, quality, properties, impurities, etc. of its starting materials to ensure the product is suitable for its intended use. Avomeen has the wide range of expertise and state-of-the-art technology needed to perform all types of raw material testing. In turn, the testing allows you to include only the highest quality and most effective components in your formula.

Packaging Selection & Compatibility

Packaging selection is a key for product success in a competitive marketplace. Avomeen partners with you to identify the right kind of packaging early in the development process. Additionally, Avomeen offers services to ensure all regulatory requirements are met for your particular type of packing or container closure.

Intellectual Property & Litigation Support

Proving that your property is your property is a serious matter. Avomeen can provide comprehensive, full-service support to verify that your new product will not violate existing patents or assist in obtaining a patent protecting your product formulation. Additionally, Avomeen’s expert witness services can be utilized in brand protection, counterfeit and licensing issues as well.

Product Development Partnerships: Key Considerations

Choosing the Product Development Laboratory Partner

Avomeen’s custom formulation development experts have worked with companies of all sizes from start-ups to some of the world’s largest companies. Our skilled product formulators’ experience developing innovative personal care products, coatings, supplements, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, polymers, cleaning products, and more would be of great benefit for the future of your product. Avomeen can be your solution, your peace of mind and support during the entire product development process – and beyond! Developing a new product or reformulating a new product shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming. With the right partner, it can be fun and exciting! Let’s partner to achieve your vision and turn your big ideas into reality. Contact an expert today to begin the process.

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