Product Composition Testing


Composition testing services from Avomeen can identify and quantify the major, minor and active ingredients within a product as well as any residues, contaminates, and particulates that may exist.  From completely reverse engineering or deformulating a product to identifying and quantifying unknown ingredients our chemists lead the industry with proprietary testing methods, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and investigative chemical analysis experience.  Our our work is kept strictly confidential and our clients own all testing results and data produced.


  • Recreate exact product formulas/formulations.  Includes identifying the manufacturing process “recipe” utilized to produce a product
  • Instrumental in solving many product failures/defects
  • Good vs. bad sample Analysis. Comparing your product vs. competitors
  • Properly evaluate new/existing raw material and product suppliers
  • Regulatory support and import hold investigations
  • Toxic ingredient screen and product safety analysis
  • Litigation support, patient infringement
  • Contaminant identification

Learn more about our product reverse engineering capabilities on our deformulation page

We serve a variety of consumer and specialty product industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, polymers, coatings, cosmetics, food & beverages, supplements, agricultural, veterinary, films, packaging, cleaning products, and more.

Our clients utilize composition testing services for a variety of reasons, to learn more contact Avomeen today at (844) 334-3217 for a complementary initial consultation with one of our Ph.D. chemists who can help you solve even your most complex analytical and product development challenges.

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