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Product Composition Testing

Identify Major, Minor and Active Ingredients

Composition testing services from Avomeen can identify and quantify the major, minor and active ingredients within a product as well as any residues, contaminates, and particulates that may exist.  From completely reverse engineering or deformulating a product to identifying and quantifying unknown ingredients our chemists lead the industry with proprietary testing methods, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and investigative chemical analysis experience.  Our our work is kept strictly confidential and our clients own all testing results and data produced.

Common Reasons to Perform Product Compositional Analysis

  • Recreate exact product formulas/formulations.  Includes identifying the manufacturing process “recipe” utilized to produce a product
  • Instrumental in solving many product failures/defects
  • Good vs. bad sample Analysis. Comparing your product vs. competitors
  • Properly evaluate new/existing raw material and product suppliers
  • Regulatory support and import hold investigations
  • Toxic ingredient screen and product safety analysis
  • Litigation support, patent infringement
  • Contaminant identification

Learn more about our product reverse engineering capabilities on our deformulation page.

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