Facility Validation Support

Dependable Facility Validation Support

Facility validation establishes documented evidence that provides assurance that the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes consistently produce desired results and is compliant with current cGMP practices according to predetermined specifications.

Flexibility in Approach to Validation

Equipment, practices, and goals between facilities and companies are subject to a large degree of variation. Avomeen’s unrivaled and trusted approach to customize in each unique project provides the freedom from rigidity to ensure that validation of your facility meets or exceeds industry and regulatory standards.

Manufacturing processes that are subject to validation and the subsequent regulations may involve equipment and systems, as well as the physical building and building controls used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and therapeutics. Avomeen offers a comprehensive suite of facility validation services that assist clients in meeting the standards in this highly regulated industry.

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Accurate and Trusted Results

The validation of your facility for the production of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products can be successfully accomplished with assistance from our experienced Ph.D.-led teams of scientists with decades of industry and lab experience. Our experts develop and validate appropriate analytical methods to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved, and will be used to expertly and accurately analyze samples from your facility to ensure safety and compliance are continuously maintained within your manufacturing facility.

Why Partner with Avomeen?

Decades of experience, the capability to tailor protocols and study designs, and a readiness to take on complex and non-routine analyses results in our ability to offer a comprehensive, all inclusive-solution to our clients.

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Avomeen has extensive experience in providing support for complex, non-routine projects, including facility validation for the pharmaceutical industry. We also have a wide range of leading-edge instrumentation and use proprietary testing methods. We provide detailed and accurate results, and our instrumentation is subject to comprehensive qualification programs to ensure our high standards are consistently met and maintained.

Our dedicated team of talented chemists have a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in pharmaceutical facility validation and will be highly responsive to your needs. We can work within tight deadlines, as we provide rush services and after-hours support.

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