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Performance Testing & Claims

Avomeen features a world-class laboratory and facilities that allow us to perform a full spectrum of services related to chemical analysis, deformulation, chemical testing, and more. We work with clients that represent a myriad of industries including paints and sealants, oil and gas, personal care, dietary supplements, food and beverage, and more. From routine analyses to advanced problem solving, we provide premier services for our clients.

Performance Testing and Claims

Many of our customers create new products that require advanced chemical testing. Companies cannot make claims on these new products until they’ve been scientifically proven. Before claims are published and the label is printed, manufacturers bring their products and formulations to us for testing. We can design a battery of tests tailored to a specific product to confirm claims.

Advanced Planning

When our chemists consult with clients, we help them understand our testing procedures and processes. This, in turn, provides them with part of the evidence they need to justify the claims associated with their products. Our labs and chemists specialize in creating targeted tests to prove a formulation’s effectiveness.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis is an evidence-based approach to claim validation. We feature state-of-the-art equipment that allows our chemists to test for chemicals and their quantities. We deliver highly customized reports based on our analysis of all types of products. This type of analysis is essential before bringing a product to market—before investing substantially in large-batch manufacturing.

Problem Solving

Sometimes we encounter problems when trying to validate product claims. This not uncommon and it’s a dilemma our chemists can help contend with. Chemical interactions, chemical quantities, and unknown contaminants can all compromise the integrity of a formulation. In our laboratory, we can test for all represented chemicals. If there is a contaminant present, we’ll find it.

Additionally, we can help with the reformulation process in order to improve a product, fix it, or simply back up any claims associated with it. Our testing systems are highly advanced and can be customized for multi-type industries and products.

Do You Need to Validate a Product Claim?

Companies who make unproven claims risk serious liability. If you’ve designed a winning product, it makes sense to take the additional steps needed to partner with Avomeen’s premier laboratory to provide scientific proof for your product claims. This step can save you substantially in the long run. Before investing in the manufacturing of your new product, consult with Avomeen to ensure it meets your standards.

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