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Peptide Analysis & Protein Therapeutics

On the Frontier of Innovative Therapies

Advances in mass spectrometry and other chromatographic, spectrophotometric, and electrophoresis approaches have paved the way for advanced peptide and protein analysis that has the potential to transform biotechnology. By enabling us to dig deeper into proteins, proteomics has provided the opportunity to discover new ways to improve diagnostic techniques, bolster disease treatments, and develop more effective and affordable medicines.

Avomeen Will Help You Get There

Work with Avomeen’s skilled scientists and chemists to support your innovative treatments and medicines. We start with method development and validation to solidify successful processes and ensure that newly developed and highly targeted therapeutic protein treatments can reach and stay in the market.

Take advantage of the breadth of expertise at Avomeen to develop protein and peptide analysis methods using HPLC/UPLC, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) and specialized methods such as electrophoresis and ELISA. Perform stability testing with the same Ph.D. scientist-backed team, then characterize impurities, quantitate excipients, additives, and surfactants in your formulations, and test market-ready versions for extractables & leachables and elemental impurities.

We will support you with individualized care and attention as your biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, combination products, and other treatments or diagnostics navigate the necessary steps to market.

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Put Our Experts to the Test

Biologics Deformulation

Let Avomeen identify all the components of a complex mixture and find biosimilars for biologics. Our teams do not just have the skills necessary to do so; they are considered experts, and have considerable experience in the successful completion of deformulation projects in biologics analysis.

It’s another way that Avomeen aims to apply our comprehensive solutions with our unparalleled knowledge and expertise each step along the regulatory pathway.

Why Partner with Avomeen?

Decades of experience, the capability to tailor protocols and study designs, and a readiness to take on complex and non-routine analyses results in our ability to offer a comprehensive, all inclusive-solution to our clients.

See how our approach can help transform your goals into real solutions.

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We’re Not Just Any Lab. We’re Your Lab.

We provide unmatched, complete solutions by working hands-on with you to tailor every test and consultation to your ever-changing needs.

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