Unknown Material Identification


Avomeen can separate and purify samples in order to identify and analyze them.  Material identification services are used for a number of reasons including the deformulation or reverse engineering of samples in order to provide you with a detailed analysis of your own product versus competing products. This service can also be used to identify all of the ingredients within a products formulation, a particular ingredient, or a contaminant.

Avomeen can perform material identification on both inorganic and organic samples. Results will show not only the major but also the minor components in a substance.

Our chemists use a variety of techniques and instrumentation to perform material identification including:

Our experienced chemists can use various techniques for manual separation and identification for more complex samples and are experts at solving the toughest problems. Avomeen Scientists also offer a variety of other material testing services.

Case Study –Material Analysis –Material Identification

Industry: Research Pharmaceuticals
Problem: Unknown Purity of Pharmaceuticals
Solution: A customer had two pharmaceutical samples of questionable identity and purity. We were able to analyze the samples utilizing FT-IR instrumentation. The identity of both samples was confirmed, while one sample was found to be completely pure, and the other was found to have fillers present. Avomeen then performed extractions to separate the fillers from the active ingredient in the second sample, and in doing so, were able to provide the customer with a method in which to purify the sample.

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