Good Vs. Bad Sample Comparison


Comparing “good vs. bad” samples or your own product versus a competitor’s can lead to a wealth of invaluable information.  Utilizing the latest techniques and advanced analytical instrumentation, Avomeen’s skilled chemists can break down multiple product formulations into their basic components and perform an in-depth comparison at the chemical level identifying the similarities and differences between the samples.

This helps our clients:

Comparing your own product versus a competitor’s product can lead to many long term benefits for your company:

  • Prove that your product contains more of an active ingredient, is safer, or is more environmentally friendly – this data can be used by your marketing team to promote your company and give customers confidence in your product.
  • Identify how your competitor is able to make a similar product at a lower cost, or prove their product costs less because it is a lower quality product.
  • Data obtained by isolating which ingredients in their formulation give their product an increase in performance, longer shelf life, or more pleasant appearance can be used to reformulate your product into a superior version.
  • Prove that a competitor is in violation of your patent or that your product does not violate a patent of your competitor.

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