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Shelf Life Analysis

Shelf Life Testing Labs

Avomeen offers a variety of accelerated stability (ASLT) & shelf life testing services.  We are pleased to offer pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplement, personal care, and consumer product shelf life testing.  Shelf life testing can be conducted under multiple conditions including accelerated, 40C/75RH and real-time conditions, 25C/6RH and temperature cycling. We have extensive experience with CTFA, Colipa, and FDA protocols as well as custom design based on the unique characteristics of the product, including:

  • Color, odor and appearance
  • Changes in the container
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Weight changes
  • Yeast, Mold, Standard Plate Count
  • Moisture
  • Product Integrity
Sample Stability Cabinets and Chambers
40ºC / 75% RH 30ºC / 65% RH 20ºC (Ambient) -20ºC (Freezer)
30ºC / 75% RH 25ºC / 60% RH 2ºC to 8ºC -80ºC (Ultra-Low)

Shelf Life Calculations to Prepare Your Product for Market

Our multidisciplinary chemists determine shelf life using both real-time and accelerated stability testing. Our rigorous testing meets the guidelines of the ICH and other regulators, ensuring that your product will meet necessary requirements to go to market.

Freeze-Thaw Stability Testing

A shelf life study can be extended to include freeze-thaw cycle testing to determine if the formula will remain stable under various conditions. The sample is subjected to a series of extreme, rapid temperature changes similar to what is encounter during normal shipping and handling processes.

Accelerated Stability Testing

Our accelerated aging analysis process will help get your products on the shelf faster. This process can also identify potential problems earlier in the production cycle, which can help prevent costly problems like consumer recalls and product defects. By exposing your product to increased (but controlled) environmental conditions over time, we will reliably determine your products’ predicted shelf life.  We control for a number of elements including various temperature and humidity levels.

Photostability Testing

Photostability testing is carried out on products that are directly exposed, in their immediate packaging, and in their marketing packaging. We’ll test your product using light sources that produce a similar output to outdoor daylight and the artificial daylight that your product is likely to be exposed to in consumers’ homes. Testing the photosensitivity of your product will help determine whether you need to make changes to the formulation or packaging before going to market.

Product & Packaging Integrity Testing (FDA Extraction Testing – Chemical Migration Testing)

We can also develop methods for product integrity.  Such methods may involve Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR), Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS) or High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).  Your product and its packaging can also be tested to determine if they are compatible and verify that no harmful chemicals or materials are extracted into your product from its packaging.

Real Time Stability Testing Services

For products with strict regulations that require specific temperature or humidity levels in packaging and storage, accelerated shelf life testing may not be applicable.  For these instances, Avomeen also has longevity and long-term stability programs available. We conduct thorough real-time stability studies that continue until after the product has degraded below specification and accounts for lot-to-lot variation.

Partnering with Avomeen

All of our product testing is completed at our independent facilities, each project will be custom designed depending on your specific needs. Our specialists are available both during and after testing services to answer questions and compile detailed, comprehensive reports.  Our cGMP-compliant facility can perform a variety of screening services to help you through all stages of the development of your product.

Shelf Life Testing Laboratory Services:

  • Product Longevity Testing
  • (ASLT) Accelerated Aging
  • Photostability Testing
  • Product Stress Testing
  • Forced Degradation Testing
  • ICH Stability Testing
  • Product Expiration Dating
  • Formula Improvements to Increase Shelf Life
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